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    A Friendly Farewell

    In September, I know I said I was gonna be pretty much leaving this place. Well, this is me leaving it properly now despite saying beforehand that I wouldn’t do one of these big goodbyes. The problem is I hate so many of you that I just couldn’t leave that way. Before I go on, I would like to...
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    Favorite moment/part of 2006 so far **spoilers**

    Excellant. This is just the inspiration I needed!
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    *** Official WWE Royal Rumble 2006 Thread ***

    As long as Taker comes down in a Horse and Cart with fake lightning effects of course.
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    *** Official WWE Royal Rumble 2006 Thread ***

    Indeed. People need to realise that its INCREDIBLY difficult to not have a semi-decent Rumble PPV, and the WWE almost managed it. Jeez I just finished watching Henry v Angle.... all I can say is.... WHAT. THE. HELL. WHAT IS GOING ON? THE UNDERTAKER IN A HORSE AND CART? FAKE LIGHTNING? MARK...
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    *** Official WWE Royal Rumble 2006 Thread ***

    What's wrong with the prospect of Angle v Rey in the Wrestlemania main event? I can't think of any alternative that would be better this year. Both are super over, though unfortunately after the Rumble in Reys case this could be more to do with the ghost of Eddie rather than anything else...
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    *** Official WWE Royal Rumble 2006 Thread ***

    Can someone explain to me why Trever Murdoch is employed with the WWE? Enjoyed the Rumble I guess but feel robbed of my £15 obviously, though I was and always will pay for the Rumble methinks. Edge losing the title so quickly makes me go wha? And the finish sucked balls. Why they had the...
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    The Royal Family

    Ladies and gentlemen... I have an announcement to make that may shock the world. Me and Taj agree on something. :eek
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    The day it died...

    Wrestlemania 2000. The main event and the lack of Stone Cold coupled with a mediocre Wrestlemania made me think hmm, its starting to not be cool to like wrestling anymore again. To me that was pretty much when the Attitude period was no longer in top gear. I think the point of the thread is...
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    10 Reasons why Gay Marriage is wrong.

    Wow. You're gay.
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    Deal or No Deal?

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    Happy Birthday Crippler

    Recently I had stopped saying Happy Birthday because I couldn't be arsed but this will be my last birthday wish here, Muchos muchos muchos happy birfday Cripp. Hope you got the framed Neil Lennon picture you always wanted :)
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    Deal or No Deal?

    Exactly. Edmonds rules. He's single handedly making tucking your shirt in fashionable. I'm going out on Thursday and I might just do so.
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    Deal or No Deal?

    Why not test what you'd do a bit more. Not quite as good as the Channel 4 version but you get the jist. I love this show. And indeed Inno, when Geordie plays I think the world will mark out. Geordie will have a following everywhere I'm sure. And...
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    Who Would Simon Play Deal Or No Deal With?

    No Deal. I'd like to choose number 6 please Noel.
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    TWO Big Brother

    RING~! RING~! No Deal, Noel. Btw Kate, she's a girl.
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    TWO Big Brother

    I await the next hit thread - 'Who would you play Deal or no Deal with on TWO?'
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    TWO Big Brother

    I would put all the people from TWO I don't like in the house. Then I would blow up this house.
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    TWO Wrestling Survivor: T - Round Four

    No Jack, people are voting HHH off because they just really don't like him at all. :)
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    Jim 'Warrior' Hellwig to sue WWE

    DING DING DING~! Lawyer in the hizz-ouse. I've watched the DVD, and come on people, I think Vince (surely after the number of lawsuits he's lost in the past) and the WWE would have made the DVD with Warriors likely-to-sue nature in mind.. Saying that, this is America, and you can sue...