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  1. ShaolinHandLock

    I have a question regarding blogs.....

    I was wondering if anyone knew whether or not making a blog costs money or something?
  2. ShaolinHandLock

    Twitter recommendations?

    I'm just wondering if anyone could suggest some people to follow on Twitter? No fake accounts or people who make me extremely depressed....
  3. ShaolinHandLock

    So now that these forums are dead...

    ...I don't know what the point of staying here is. I've already stopped bothering actually talking about wrestling, mainly because of the overall negativity on here, but even ignoring that, it's impossible to discuss anything else here (or on the rest of the internet really) without it turning...
  4. ShaolinHandLock

    Ox Baker passes away

    According to various sources, Ox Baker has passed away. R.I.P. :(
  5. ShaolinHandLock

    Movie Question

    Are the Twilight movies as bad as people say they are? I'm curious as to whether they are worth watching or not. It's probably pointless asking anyway, since most things people hate I tend to like, but whatever.
  6. ShaolinHandLock

    Random matches I watched on YouTube earlier today

    Since the video vault is gone, I'll just post these here. I haven't watched much wrestling at all on YouTube for quite a long time now. Firstly is a match that I've actually been waiting for to be put on YouTube, a match which I've been curious about since it was announced. Ryuji Ito vs...
  7. ShaolinHandLock

    Video Vault?

    Did the video vault forum disappear without me noticing or something? I was going to post some matches I watched on YouTube, which I haven't done for a long time, and now it's gone...
  8. ShaolinHandLock

    Just thinking about the past here...

    I've been a member of these forums since 2008. Most people hated me then, most people hate me now. I was curious about what has changed in the last few years, so I searched through every thread that I've created since joining the forums. To say that the majority of them were failures is an...
  9. ShaolinHandLock

    Filters on song vocals

    This thread was inspired by the recent talk about my song on the podcast. Now I realise that the crappy microphone used was a major contributor to the bad vocal quality of those disstape songs, but that's not what I'm asking about in this thread. I'm curious to know opinions on understanding...
  10. ShaolinHandLock

    Music Club 11.5: Is This The Worst Song You've Ever Heard?

    You people are insane. I didn't expect much positive scoring for the Steezy Ant track, but this is ridiculous. Some of those guys are veteran rappers on the underground horrorcore scene, and almost all of them are considered really good rappers by not only myself, but loads of other people. And...
  11. ShaolinHandLock

    TWO Wrestling Club - Jun Kasai vs Ryuji Ito (Razor Board Alpha Deathmatch 20/11/2009)

    Alright then. I was originally going to post a wacky Japanese comedy match, but since the wrestling club started with one, I decided against it. I was then going to post the most violent deathmatch I could find, but I decided against that. And I did have a number of matches in mind to post, but...
  12. ShaolinHandLock

    HELP ME!?!?! (music related)

    I'm scared...why you may ask? Well, I think the majority of people on these forums realise that I've got a bias towards any music that isn't rap/hip hop, and that I've been listening to rap exclusively since I was about 10 years old (with the only exceptions being Disturbed's first two albums...
  13. ShaolinHandLock

    Viscera/Big Daddy V/Mabel passes away

    Saw this posted on another forum. R.I.P. :( ~ Eric Simms Facebook
  14. ShaolinHandLock

    Taka Michinoku in a deathmatch

    I first read about this match on a forum over two years ago, and have been curious about it ever since. And it's now on YouTube. Taka Michinoku, the former WWF wrestler, in his first and as far as I know only deathmatch.
  15. ShaolinHandLock

    Necro Butcher vs Rob Van Dam vs Kendo Kashin
  16. ShaolinHandLock

    Tommy Dreamer vs New Jack vs Necro Butcher vs Matt Tremont vs Devon Moore vs Darksyde

    vs Apollyon
  17. ShaolinHandLock

    Austin Aries vs Toby Klein
  18. ShaolinHandLock

    Necro Butcher vs New Jack
  19. ShaolinHandLock

    What the hell?!? I'm confused now...

    I just stumbled across this article by accident, and after reading it multiple times, I'm still confused. The only stuff I've ever shared from YouTube, (and only from YouTube), has...
  20. ShaolinHandLock

    Twitter question

    Just a quick question. I'm thinking of signing up to Twitter, but do I have to use my real name?