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    Happy Birthday Scotty!

    Have a fantastic you can legally drink! :good222: :drinky :balloons :bday
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    Happy Birthday JobberJoe

    Have a fab day! :bday :balloons
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    Batista out for 6-8 months?

    from I will be SO gutted if its true :(
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    Happy Birthday Sparrow

    Have a fab day! :bday :balloons
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    Happy Birthday Natalieeee

    Have a fantastic day! Love youuuuuuuuuu!!! :good222: :bday :balloons
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    Happy Birthday BRM!

    Have a fab day! :bday :balloons
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    Happy Birthday Evil Monkey and Mr. Perfect

    Hope you both have a fab day :good222: :bday :balloons
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    Happy Birthday joe boy and Claire

    Happy Birthday! Have a fantastic day! :bday :balloons
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    Impossible Quiz...

    Did have a quick search and couldn't find a topic on it...anyone else played this? Its so addictive...I love it!
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    Helllooooo! I'm new here, I'm Emma 23 and from the Isle of Wight. As you can probably tell by the username, I'm a hugeeee Shane McMahon fan :worship um...been a fan for many years...don't really know what else to say :lol was sent here by Natalieeee :lol thats about it me thinks! ooh...