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    Past TWO Members

    Heard through the grapevine that Belty had a new daughter, and knew he would post the pictures here, so just popped on to see them. She's a beauty by the way Belty. Other than that, glad to see that everyone is still doing fine, as am I. Will pop back on when Belty produces another little one...
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    Saturday Night Live: Favourite Moments / Opinions

    Unfortunately Saturday Night Live used to be one of the funniest shows around, sadly not so much anymore. The original crowd of Dan Acykrod, John Belushi, Chevy Chase, Jane Curtin, Bill Murray and the hilarious Gilda Radner, make today's group look like a bunch of second rate idiots. Radner as...
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    Talk Wrestling Online: Celebrating 11 years online!

    Jay, you and I haven't crossed paths for awhile, but I can see you haven't changed one bit. First of all this thread isn't about you, it isn't about TNA, it's about Talk Wrestling and what the problems are. So please take yourself off this thread and let the discussion continue, without...
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    Talk Wrestling Online: Celebrating 11 years online!

    I think some fresh thinking is required around here to help pull TWO out of the doldrums. Sorry, but TWO has turned into an old boys club and that's part of the problem. When everyone is agreeing with everyone else, nothing get's accomplished. If Kam were to put an new admin in place, I...
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    Talk Wrestling Online: Celebrating 11 years online!

    It was never a problem before Dante. This site used to just a going concern. It's sad to see what's happened over the last year or so. Very few threads get made. In General Chat the only threads that get a great amount of interest, are either history, or war topics. People have moved away from...
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    FWL 24 Price Brackets?

    That is without a doubt the worst looking group ever. Only 2 in the top bracket, my God never thought I'd see that.
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    Talk Wrestling Online: Celebrating 11 years online!

    Actually Omega, I do too. With the numbers on the site dropping, TWOstars is the only thing I come on to browse around, every week or so. You should take pride in the fact that the fed is keeping on, keeping on. On topic. When I joined TWO a few years ago, the place was hopping. Chat was...
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    Chavo Guerrero released

    About flaming time. Thank God, I couldn't stand the guy.
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    Fashion Advice

    Target is taking over Zeller's so it will offer the same type of stuff. Go to Value Village and see what they have. If your in a nice area, chances are you'll get something cheap and up-to-date. Also check out the Salvation Army stores if you have one in your area. Adam and a couple of...
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    Addicted to the internet?

    Spend more time on Facebook than is healthy these days. But that's about it.
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    Hi All

    Hi and welcome.
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    My Introduction

    Hi and welcome.
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    Hey everyone!

    Hi and welcome to TWO.
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    Hi and welcome to TWO.
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    Hi all

    Hi and welcome.
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    Supernatural discussion thread

    Well I believe in them. One night years ago when Joel was little, we where taking a walk around the block. As we turned off of our street and started to go up the another, I saw a neighbour Mr. Lavender come out of his driveway with his dog. Can't remember the dog's name anymore, just that it...
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    TNA Genesis PPV - 9th January 2011

    Well really if what someone like Alvarez or the other guy say's makes up someone's mind for them, then that person is incapable of dressing themselves. The whole problem is they're seen as demi-gods by some and their word is taken as law. Bullsh*t. Watch the product and make up your own mind...
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    WWE Getting Sued Yet Again!

    Whenever you go to Skydome or the Air Canada Centre, for either a Blue Jay or Toronto Maple Leaf game. It says right on the ticket that neither the venue or the teams involved will assume any liability for injuries received. I guess they mean getting hit by the puck or ball that goes into the...
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    Feelings Towards The Current Product?

    The current product is shit and that's about it. There is nothing that the WWE can put out that screams "Hey look at us, come watch". I watch out of habit mostly, and if a few shows are missed then so what. It's not that anything earth shattering is happening these days. Like TNA much better...
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    How Do You Drop Off?

    I had trouble sleeping for awhile too. We bought one of those little table top fountains. They're cheap and the sound of the water cascading down the little rocks is quite soothing. Mind you sometimes it makes you want to go to the bathroom, but it worked for me. Can't have the radio or TV...