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    Heroes Season 4 *UK Pace*

    Did anyone catch the first episodes at the weekend on BBC2? I missed them but have managed to catch up today, seems its on every Saturday night. Have to say this one is shaping up to be a really good season going by the extended first episode that was shown.
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    WWE to have its own Channel by 2012?

    Credit: Seems Vince's plan to rule the TV world is taking shape.
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    WWE PPV buyrates for 2nd half of 2009

    Some WWE buyrate news: Credit:
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    TNA Signs Lacey Von Erich

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    First Danielson and now McGuinness for WWE

    Credit: Prowrestling.NET
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    Chris Jericho: WWE Not Building New Talent?

    Credit: Interesting to hear Jerich oactually say it
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    TNA and Playboy Magazine

    Borash on his Twitter page has said "A Knockout has posed for Playboy" but hasn't said which one, are TNA trying to do a link up with Playboy now WWE has ended their relationship with the mag?
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    Amir Khan: World Champ

    Credit: Reuters I was listening to the fight on Radio 5 Live last night, seemed like Khan had a pretty easy run of it just jabbing his way through the fight doing no damage but taking little back in return by running away mostly So thoughts on how he will do now he has won his first world...
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    Walter Cronkite Dies Aged 92

    Credit: Yahoo RIP to a real news legend of our times
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    Fan Created Gimmick Matches

    Ok this is partly taken from the Gimmick PPV thread and a column on Wrestlezone where they asked for the fans to submit their gimmick match idea's. The top 22 (don't ask me why they went with 22 but they did) can be seen below: So can we at TWO do better then those matches? I say lets...
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    B-Movie Title Generator

    As we all know B-Movies are often better then the huge blockbusters that studios produce around the summer time, case in point any Bruce Campbell movies ever made :P well now thanks to Front mag we can all come up with our own B Movies! Simply pick 3 numbers from 1 to 20 (they can be the same...
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    New guidline of no booze for under-15's good idea or bad?

    So I saw this story today and though it may make for a good bit of argument... erm I mean debate :D what are your thoughts about under 15's drinking while their parents are around? Credit: The Press Association Personally I think its a good idea to introduce kids to booze while they are...
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    Khan vs Barrera set for March 14

    Credit: Sporting Life I expect Barrera to batter Khan, may even pay to see it on Box Office just to see the carnage of the fight
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    Your last purchase?

    Sun newspaper Box of washing powder Bag of potatoes Euromillions ticket
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    UFC Fighter shot dead on Christmas Day

    Credit: Prwrestling.NET
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    Powerslam Top 50 2008

    Just got the mag this morning and they reveal their top 50 of 2008 here it is...
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    Metal band name generator

    Ok so this is in Front mag and I thought it was great, the idea is you take 1 number/phrase from each column and find the funniest, worst etc name you can for a metal band so go for it Part one: (choose 1 of these) 1. Give Me 2. Run To 3. Build Us 4. Shoot 5. Stab 6. Destroy 7. Raise...
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    WWE Re-sign Tomko

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    Batman to be killed off?

    Credit: WENN So all you comic book fans what do yu think of this news then?
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    More news on WWE films

    Credit: That explains that then, I was thinking wellness to begin with when the punt happened but realised it must be something else when his name wasn't revealed the next day, turns oout its just a movie