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    GREAT GOALS... aka Erik Lamela is a boss thread.

    This is just the most ridiculous rabona I've ever seen. I'll update the thread with more great goals (that won't be quite as great as this one) as they happen.
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    European League Football 2014/15

    Conte has just resigned as Juventus manager, that just came out of the blue. I can only think that they're planning on selling their best players without his permission.
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    The Premier League 2014/15

    Fixtures were released today, some key dates - August 23rd: Manchester City v Liverpool September 20th: Arsenal v Tottenham September 20th: Manchester City v Chelsea September 27th: Liverpool v Everton November 1st: Manchester City v Manchester United November 8th: Liverpool v Chelsea...
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    Summer Transfer Window 2014

    It seems like everyone is trying to get business done early this year. Chelsea have agreed a 32m fee for Costa according to SSN which seems cheap. I'm guessing Courtois will probably go back to Madrid on loan as part of the deal.
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    War Games At WWE Battleground?

    Apparently people who have seen the seating plan for the next PPV are saying they've left enough room for 2 rings...
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    Breaking Bad - The Final Episodes.

    Anyone watch this? The final season starts tonight. It's the GOAT tv series imo...... BITCH
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    Last thread here - Sign up until 6 pm Thursday. Answers will have to be in by 6pm Friday. As winner of the last game bigmatt has first option of answering the questions. If he doesn't want to I'll choose...
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    Other Sports Sheep Game

    Not sure if there'll be much interest in this but sheep if a forum game where one member answers a set number of questions and the other members pm's me what they think that persons answers will be e.g. "what is Kings favourite football team" "what's the biggest animal Boyo thinks he could throw...
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    The sun hacked.

    Full story They've been giving out sun employee phones numbers and passwords on twitter all night.
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    I made up an itunes account for my brother this morning and bought a load of albums that he wanted on it. Now I want to put all this music onto his music player thingy, its made by sansa. How the f*ck do I do it? Or can music bought on itunes only be transferred to music players made by apple...
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    Who would you like to see your football club sign this summer?

    Simple really, although we'd all like to sign Kaka and Messi that just aint gonna happen so try and be realistic :lol For Liverpool the Barry deal looks like its gonna happen at some stage, not sure if we really need him or if he's worth the money but thats Rafa for ye. I'd like to see us...
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    BAH GAWD the forums have been broken in half!

    BAH GAWD, CLICK HERE. Join the sexiest, coolest, newest wrestling forum on the net. Discuss your views on wrestling with 29,000 other members. I hear you ask, “Does BahGawd even have 29,000 members?” Well, it will some day. At the moment the site is still under construction, but the forums...
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    Questions that don't require their own thread.

    I think this should be alright as long as it doesn't turn into a spam fest, and theres often new threads posted asking questions that only gets a few replies before the problem is solved. Anyway my question, is anyone elses MSN down?
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    Fun with Beans

    Play with the speakers on :lol
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    Global Warming is Man Made - True or False

    Having watched Al Gores "An inconvenient truth" a while back I was wondering people opinions thoughts on this. Do you think global warming is man made or is it just a normal temperature trend.......
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    There are 3 birthdays on TWO today!!! BB Steele, RKO and Jeff. I hope you all have a great day :good222:
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    UK thinking about paying obese people to lose weight!!!! What a waste of taxpayers money this could prove to be.
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    Dear Kam...

    I dpddave,the most respected member of this forum am calling out to you to reopen our beloved 501 things we have learned from wrestling thread after that evil Darkstar took it away from us. We were oh so close to finishing it. Im not sure if robots have feelings but if they do I hope you can...
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    My Christmas Story

    My Christmas Story Late last week, I was rushing around trying to get some last minute shopping done. I was stressed out and not thinking very fondly of the Christmas season right then. It was dark, cold, and wet in the parking lot as I was loading my car up with gifts that I felt obligated...
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    The Hobbit

    Lord of the Rings fans should be happy.