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  1. BRM

    Who is the G.O.A.T?

    Ashley Barnes
  2. BRM

    The use of VAR in major leagues

    As Greylien states above the stakes are so high in this day and age we’re talking about astronomic sums of money and as it stands this enthralling Premier League title race could come down to some tight rack of the eye offside desicion and that would be a dreadful way for it to end. The Premier...
  3. BRM

    Do You Know Any Hoarders?

    Unfortunately my mothers a bit of a hoarder. Not to the extent that you see on these channel 5 documentary’s but it’s enougth for me to dislike going round to see her at her home. My girlfriend works in the community which basically entails making people whom are on their death bed comfortable...
  4. BRM

    Avengers Endgame

    Went last night and not afraid to admit I had a tear in my eye at one or two times. Last time I left a theatre feeling anything like this was for Return of the King but the scale of this saga is so much bigger. Not sure how they follow this, they will of course but I’m really not sure how.
  5. BRM

    AJ Styles injured

    AJ is the sort of guy who will always be nursing some sort of injury Heading into his last Wrestle Kingdom where he also wrestled Nakamura there was real concern that he wouldn't make the match due to his constant back niggles. In the end he was fine, put on a 4 and half star match and made his...
  6. BRM

    WWE announce United Kingdom Championship Tournament

    Just watched night 1 before I head over to Blackpool this evening. The show was really fun, and the crowd were'nt overly interested in taking over the show. Everyone was given time to show off their skills heels and faces were easily defined. The venue looked fantastic McGuiness and Cole were...
  7. BRM

    WWE announce United Kingdom Championship Tournament

    I can definetly see some sort of link up with Progress. Along with Evolve they seem to be WWE's indies of choice. Rev Pro have some sort of working relationship with NJPW anyway. So it really is a exciting time to be a Wrestling fan in the U.K.
  8. BRM

    WWE Network: What are you watching?

    Not sure I've got time for all the Rumbles in the next couple of weeks but did watch 1990 the other afternoon. Going to make sure that I watch Rumble 1997 over the weekend though given the venue of this years event.
  9. BRM

    Okada v Omega at Wrestle Kingdom 11 worthy of 6 Stars?

    For what it's worth Meltzer gave Okada v Omega at Wrestle Kingdom 11 yesterday 6 Stars.
  10. BRM

    WWE announce United Kingdom Championship Tournament

    There had been murmurs of something going down. The press conference itself was called last week and was thought it was going to be some sort of talent deal with ITV trying to lock down talent in the chance that WOS does well. WWE have obviously seen the reach that ITV has compared to Sky ad...
  11. BRM

    Who Is the Best WWE Female wrestler right now?

    Asuka is probably one of the best wrestlers in the company full stop regardless of gender. One of the things that hit me during Breaking Ground was one part where they were doing some "classroom" work. Everyone was paying attention but Askua was there not only paying attention but making notes...
  12. BRM

    Random comments and suchlike

    Next years Royal Rumble will be at the Alamodome in San Antonio 20 years since it was held there last with a gate of 60,000+ Must be confident of being able to shift a lot of tickets for this one.
  13. BRM

    Random comments and suchlike

    Looking forward to hearing this at the Barclays Center this weekend. Very good chance the whole arena could break out into song.
  14. BRM

    Random comments and suchlike

    Not only is Roodes NXT theme a great Wrestling theme. But its also a great piece of music to start your day to. Its also a gtret piece of music to go to the gym with. its also great piece of music to listen to post sex. its also a great piece of music to listen to once youve just split up with...
  15. BRM

    Your new England manager is..

    I believe he was asked to take it on a interim basis. He turned it down. The u21's did really well winning in Toloun this Summer. They did fail miserably in the Euro U21's last summer though and he had some pretty heavy hitters along for the ride.
  16. BRM

    Comic-Con Discussion Thread

    Unfair to judge the Justice League trailer to be fair. It was more of a show reel of what they've gotten so far. The films not out until November 2017 and is still in the early stages of shooting. I'm really surprised we saw anything to be fair. The highlights of what was shown was definetly the...
  17. BRM

    Gotham - TV show

    Yeah I'd also put the 2 Netflix Marvel Shows that we've had so far ahead of this. Gotham does a lot right but it's let down by shoddy writing and could be probably do with being cut from its 20+ episode runs down to something more manageable.
  18. BRM

    Gotham - TV show

    Found the 1st half of season 2 really really good. But felt it tapered off after the mid season break. It's probably one of the weaker "comic book" shows though.
  19. BRM

    Your new England manager is..

    That I agree with but unfortunately their seems as if to be this expectation that the National Team manager has to be English. When the RFU and ECB were looking for new first team coaches in 2015 they went out and got the best men for the job ho both turned out to be Australians. What followed...
  20. BRM

    Summer Transfers/Gossip/etc..

    They've also brought in Schurrle from Wolfsburg. I'd still expect someone to at least test them in regards to Aubmayang before August is out.