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  1. Shaun2J

    WWE announce United Kingdom Championship Tournament

    WWE just announced the UK Championship tournament which will take place on January 14th and 15th on the WWE Network. It will feature 16 of the finest British and Irish competitors on the UK Scene right now. Nigel McGuinness will be co-hosting the tournament and it looks like it will recieve...
  2. Shaun2J

    2017 PDC World Darts Championship (15 Dec. - 2 Jan.)

    So the 1st Round was drawn yesterday. The prize money is at £1,650,000 in total with the winner now getting £350,000. Preliminary Round 57. (199) "Electric" Jerry Hendriks (NED) - (--) "Waza" Warren Parry (NZ) 58. (130) "Zoki" Zoran Lerchbacher (AUT) - (82) "The Mirror Man" Simon Stevenson...
  3. Shaun2J

    Kris Travis has passed away at 32

    Heartbreaking news from the UK Euro Wrestling scene as Kris Travis lost the battle against stomach cancer at the age of 32. It looked like he had beaten cancer and even made a comeback late last year but it returned and he never recovered since. This is real tough one for people following the...
  4. Shaun2J

    Betway Premier League Darts 2016

    I think this warrants an individual thread to seperate it from the general darts thread. So here we are again, the annual Premier League kicks off as always in the first February week, this season will see a first, as the players will also take a trip to Rotterdam before the finals. A sum of...
  5. Shaun2J

    The 2016 Album thread

    Another year, another thread. What are you waiting for this year? Here's a project, that came out of the blue. Iggy Pop and Josh Homme announced that they'll be collaborating and bringing out the next Iggy Pop album, "Post Pop Depression". Here's the debut song "Gardenia" (Thought they were...
  6. Shaun2J

    Concerts, gigs, stand-up 2016

    So where are you guys heading in 2016? Let's get things rolling with music, theatre, stand-up etc. For me, 2016 will start off next Tuesday with Henry Rollins embarking on his Spoken Word tour through the UK and Europe. I'm actually intrigued with Spoken Word at the moment. 2016 will also be...
  7. Shaun2J

    R.I.P Alan Rickman

    He sadly passed away at the Age of 69 due to cancer... R.I.P :( It's really a fucked up week.
  8. Shaun2J

    2016 PDC World Darts Championship

    So this kicks off today and boy oh boy, am I excited for this. Here are the Prelims and the 1st Round matches Thursday 17th December Andy Boulton - Per Laursen (Prelim) Jamie Lewis - Daryl Gurney Peter Wright - Keegan Brown Gary Anderson - Boulton / Laursen Friday 18th December Qiang Sun -...
  9. Shaun2J

    Poetry in motion, who perfects certain moves?

    Anyone can do a chokeslam in Pro Wrestling, right? But anyone could also f*ck it up. Who does and which moves are so sweet and smooth, that you'd watch it on loop all day? 0% sloppiness, ever. Who can achieve that? For one, I'm going with Cesaro and his leaping Corkscrew European Uppercut. It...
  10. Shaun2J

    Christopher Lee has passed away

    Christopher Lee has passed away this past Sunday at the age of 93. May he R.I.P. :( "To be a legend, you've either got to be dead or excessively old!" - Christopher Lee
  11. Shaun2J

    Jürgen Klopp to leave Borussia Dortmund.

    Reports are coming in that he's asked to be released from his contract and wants to take a break from management. It looks like former Mainz 05 manager Thomas Tuchel might take over next season, which just has to be brought on paper, seeing as he was linked with Hamburg and they announced - once...
  12. Shaun2J

    Wrestling Isn't Wrestling

    I'm surprised no one mentioned this, did someone mention this? No, then here. Dat cast though! And Haley Joel Osment :lol
  13. Shaun2J

    Perro Aguayo, Jr. dies during a match (featuring Rey Mysterio, Jr. and Manik)

    News just in after Rey Mysterio Jr.'s first match after leaving the WWE.
  14. Shaun2J

    Solar eclipse - March 20th

    So where are you on this morning? I for one can see it coming but my eyes are burning. Now go worship the sun.
  15. Shaun2J

    Insider interviewed regarding WWE Royal Rumble 2015

    Have a blast xD
  16. Shaun2J

    UK and European news and comments

    Thought I'd start a fresh thread for the UK and European wrestling companies out there, if that's OK. Sure we'll see get to see where dsrchris is commentating, where people from here are heading when ICW is around the corner and some wXw stuff from my side. So the 16 participants for the 10th...
  17. Shaun2J

    Concerts, Gigs and Festivals 2015 Thread

    So where you you lot heading? Just name it, concerts, gigs, festivals, comedy clubs etc. Got my tickets for the Afghan Whigs on Feb 11th and five days later I'm off to see the Mark Lanegan Band!
  18. Shaun2J

    Music Club XIII: 2014

    Hello guys and girls! This club is straight forward, our picks will look back on tracks that were released in 2014. So give a shout out on if you want in. Participants: GO! King (has to review Shaun and Megz) 27th January Maxximus (Must review everyone) 1st February Shao 6th February...
  19. Shaun2J

    YouTube Comment Reconstruction is back!

    Here's the newest episode. Enjoy!
  20. Shaun2J

    I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy

    For old times sakes, let's bring back this thread. :lol Underpants Kid!