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    Has Adam Rose Already Failed?

    The Adam Rose thing is painful to watch, it's so bad it's horrible. When the announcers start dancing and having a "good time" my skin crawls. I hope to God it doesn't get over.
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    Nine Inch Nails fans....

    You may know of the remixathon that is my life, but I tried a NiN mix recently. Just any NiN fans could give some input on this. It's a snippet of a bigger picture obviously, but I don't wan't to play this some night and get killed by a bunch of Goths. Is it acceptable, or blasphemy...
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    Gaming Embarrassments.

    Let's hear some of your lowest, most dispicable gaming facts about yourself. Don't be shy. I'll start shall I? I have yet to finish Halo 3, after 4 years of ownership. Same goes for Gears of War. Instead of sending a RROD xbox back to Microsoft, I just bought a new one because I...
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    E3 2011

    Live Streams here: Monday, June 6, 2011 Microsoft: 5pm -- Live Link EA: 8:30 pm -- Live Link Ubisoft: 10:30 pm -- Live Link Sony: 1 am -- Live Link Tuesday, June 7, 2011 Nintendo: 5 pm - Live Link Gamespot always do a great live show after the conferences too, so go...
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    WWE 12

    IGN. Looks like they've listened to fans for once. Could do with a video or two though.
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    OnLive is alive and well. Just tried this out and was blown away by it. Works on any old shitty computer with a decent internet connection. Plenty of demos to try out for free and takes about 20 seconds to get going. It's pretty incredible really.
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    New Xbox in the works.

    Joystiq. The new Unreal Engine tech demo was shown last week too and it did look like a big jump into the next gen. It's a long way off for sure, but you can't help wonder what we'll be playing in 5 years time.
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    Dark Side of the Rainbow

    This is the legend of Pink Floyd's supremely depressing Dark side of the Moon album that synchs up with the Wizard of Oz film. First time I saw this was at a festival in the cinema tent after two days and nights of 'enjoying myself'. At the time it certainly seemed to work, but a few weeks later...
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    Playstation NGP announced, targeted at hipsters it seems.

    6DylOAAbP6Y Another strange ad from Sony, once again failing to tell us what the hell it actually is.
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    Nintendo 3DS

    From I really want one, even though it would be smart to wait until the second version is released. 3-5 hours battery time is terrible.
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    John Cena leaving WWE?

    Some half news from some MMA blog, but it still gives me a glimmer of hope.
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    TWO Game of the Year 2010

    I thought it would be a lot easier to take Gamespot's nominees and vote on them instead of having a load of nominations etc. since it would most likely end up with the same outcome.
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    Time Traveller caught on film?

    You may dismiss it as balls, but it's certainly cool. Y6a4T2tJaSU Gj3qesTjOE8
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    The Review Thread

    I thought we might have a thread for any reviews of new games you might find, scores etc. And have a nice chat about them. I'll start shall I? Spiderman - Shattered Dimensions. 8/10 n6_awogRJCU Not too excited about this one, the first person punching looks really bad.
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    Novie Goat, trenslation by me.

    QPd7kAy15kw Of course, it should be TRANSlation.
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    E3 2010 Thread

    You can catch all of these events streaming live on Gamespot among other places. Here's the 'fake' list of what may or may not appear this year. Project Natal will debut on Sunday Night, and the show will kick off properly on Monday. Will we get another Gran Turismo announcement, 5 YEARS...
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    FIFA Online Beta now open. It's free, download is around 1g. Thank you, please.
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    Batista leaving WWE?

  19. D

    SD vs Raw 2011

    They are starting the hype nice and early this year with this little bit of news: As cool as that would be, what would a WCW roster without Flair and Sting be? Similarly an ECW roster without RVD, Taz and the Duds wouldn't be too healthy. Still it'll make a refreshing change.
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    Mickie James latest claim to fame...

    For releasing the worst single in musical history. nAExIfvtL04 Jesus Christ.