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  1. Frank Botch

    Stiff Striking: Good or Bad?

    Sometimes you forget not to knee someone in the eye full force, poor girl has only been wrestling a few years, she'll learn.
  2. Frank Botch

    Stiff Striking: Good or Bad?

    Sometimes you forget not to knee someone in the eye full force, poor girl has only been wrestling a few years, she'll learn.
  3. Frank Botch

    John Cena's new t-shirt

    Primary colours have already jobbed to Cena's merch (what a burial it was), on to the neon.
  4. Frank Botch

    How Many Albums Do You Have

    In your itunes/hipper music player/shelves? I finished up with my yearly clear out of albums last week, which is always super hard because I'm a hoarder, and I got rid of around 200 albums I never listen to. So right now according to itunes I have 1892 albums and 26403 songs. What are you...
  5. Frank Botch

    Golden Globes 2014

    The nominees: Best Motion Picture (Drama) 12 Years A Slave Captain Phillips Gravity Philomena Rush Best Motion Picture (Musical or Comedy) American Hustle Her Inside Llewyn Davis Nebraska The Wolf of Wall Street Best Actor (Drama) Chiwetel Ejiofor, 12 Years a Slave...
  6. Frank Botch

    Wrestling Pictures 2014

    Lucha/Pro Wrestling in one gif! And some others
  7. Frank Botch

    The 2014 album thread

    2013 is dead, Dubai blew it up I think. Not much going on yet but Drive By Truckers released a typically solid effort What's on your radar for 2014. Kanye and Frank Ocean are supposed to bring albums out around Summer. Closer to release are albums...
  8. Frank Botch

    Politically Incorrect Wrestling Promos

    Skip to 1:30 for one of the great wrestling promos of all time, behold THE PRINCE 6:00 for a pull apart brawl that must be seen. This guy could've been a star, he's probably locked up for some sort of hate crime now though.
  9. Frank Botch

    Final Kenta Kobashi Match

    And maybe a Kobashi general thread, for one of the greats. Kobashi, Akiyama, Muto, & Sasaki vs. KENTA, Shiozaki, Kanemaru, & Taniguchi
  10. Frank Botch

    2013 Album Thread

    Not sure if there is interest but here it is, the official, and only, TWO community AoTY thread. Unless I missed one in which case this isn't the only one, isn't official and should be locked. Top 5 thus far and in constant rotation: Try to get that...
  11. Frank Botch

    STONE COLD E.T. At The Drive Thru This had me f*cking dying.
  12. Frank Botch

    William Regal vs. Dean Ambrose, FCW 6/15

    Think it was taped on 6/7, 25 minutes in: This is pretty awesome on a lot of levels. Someone on another forum said that even without another match Regal would be in his top 50 workers of the year and I'd have to agree. All his arm work looked tortuous...
  13. Frank Botch

    Former WWE Writer (@WWE_Creative) tells stories of his time in creative

    Haven't listened to this yet but this round up is awesome on it's own.
  14. Frank Botch

    G4's Top 100 games of all time

    I must say it's a while since I've seen a list get this kind of hate, what do YOU think? 100. Pong 99. Words With Friends 98. Pitfall 97. NBA 2K11 96. Guitar Hero II 95. Burger Time 94. Braid 93. Star Wars: Tie Fighter 92. Galaga 91. The Sims 90. Baldur's Gate II 89. Left 4 Dead...
  15. Frank Botch

    Hyped Wrestlers You Don't Like.

    So this is coming from the Anderson thing in the best ever poll where Jimmy Redman was talking about how loved he was as Kennedy. I'd always kinda hated him (reasons in that thread) so I probably blanked all that praise out or whatever. So which wrestlers did you never ''get?'' Like they can be...
  16. Frank Botch

    Create a Dirtsheet Report!

    Also a cool way to waste a couple of minutes, generate your own dirtsheet report: Ok I lied, I spent several hours on this.
  17. Frank Botch

    UFC 145: We Used To Be Friends!

    These are f*cking awesome: UFC 145: Jones vs. Evans (4/21/12) – Atlanta, GA (Philips Arena) UFC Light Heavyweight Championship: Jon Jones vs. Rashad Evans Rory MacDonald vs. Che Mills Brendan...
  18. Frank Botch

    John Cena in car accident

    Turning this into an angle? Desperate for that split reaction.
  19. Frank Botch

    The Ultimate Fighter 15: Cruz vs Faber

    Hopefully I won't be the only one posting in this thread, anyone watch last night? Great finish with Vick landing a brutal knee after being controlled up to that point. The real awesomeness came afterwards, though. Cruz allowing Faber to pick anyone he wanted and Urijah being totally frozen to...
  20. Frank Botch

    2012 Album Thread

    Let's do it! Top 5 so far: Magnetic Fields -Love At The Bottom Of The Sea Sleigh Bells - Reign Of Terror Mark Lanegan - Blues Funeral