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    CM Punk invades Comic Con Awesome, just awesome. edit: story from IGN -
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    WWE signs Danielson
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    If you were to suddenly die.....

    ...would you want someone to post something here saying you died? It's a morbid thought, but I am just curious. I was reading an article about someone's family trying to alert his online friends of his death and just started wondering. Would you want someone to let the online people you...
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    Andrew 'Test' Martin Dies

    Been trying to post this as it's own thread, but I am having a heck of a time trying to post a thread. Maybe a mod can turn it into a thread. Anyway, it is some sad news. RIP Test
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    Top 100 Movie Characters

    The special edition of Empire features all the 100 characters on the cover. Empire Magazine's 100 greatest characters of all time 1 Indiana Jones 2 The Joker 3 Darth Vader 4 Captain Jack Sparrow 5 Hannibal Lecter 6 James Bond 7 Tyler Durden (Fight Club) 8 Han Solo 9 Forest Gump 10 The...
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    Brock Lesnar vs Randy Couture
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    PWI 500 for 2008

    1.Randy Orton 2.Kurt Angle 3.Triple H 4.Samoa Joe 5.Edge 6.The Undertaker 7.Shawn Michaels 8.Nigel McGuiness 9.John Cena 10.Shinsuke Nakamura 11.Takeshi Morishima 12.Ultimo Guerrero 13.Bryan Danielson 14.Christian Cage 15.Batista 16.Keiji Muto 17.Mistico 18.Jeff Hardy 19.Ric...
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    More releases by WWE

    James Curtis, Domino, Shannon Moore, Nunzio, and referee Nick Patrick. and now apparently Big Daddy V
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    2008 version of the Mass Transit Incident? Mike Levy

    Not sure if this has been discussed anywhere else on the forum, but here is your 2008 version of the Mass Transit Incident. Courtesy Here's the video BEWARE ****NSFW****
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    ***The Dark Knight***

    I saw it tonight at midnight and it was phenomenal. Awesome movie. I think everyone's character was done to perfection. From Harvey Two-Face to The Joker to Gordon to Batman, perfection IMO. They used Harvey Two-Face better than I had ever seen anyone use that character IMO. The use...
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    Guess who worked a dark match at Raw.....

    And beat Lance Cade!
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    RVD meets The Warrior Awesome
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    The Ultimate Fighter - WWE Style

    I think WWE needs to steal the idea of The Ultimate Fighter from UFC. Not in a reality show sort of way. This isn't tough enough I am talking about. I am talking about, you take two established superstars. You give them like 3 up and coming wrestlers each. And you go from there. Like...
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    Royal Return....

    I think maybe Punk, Jericho, Morrison, Miz, Elijah, Kofi, Kennedy, and Umaga
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    Sting walks out on TNA

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    Teddy Hart loses his mind

    ***Contains Strong Language*** Wow. His delivery and voice remind me of Bret. HBK vs Teddy, I'd pay to see it.
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    Star Wars: Knights of the Republic III Confirmed??? Please God let it be true!!
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    Law & Order hits the UK

    New York Post: Should be interesting, I am a big fan of Law & Order and I think it'll be cool to have a UK version of it. I just hope that they show it over here. :)
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    The Legacy of Ric Flair It's sad to see such a great career ending, but it is time. Personally, I can think of no one better than HBK except maybe HHH to give Flair a great final match to go out on.
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    The Wrestling Picture Thread

    Dammit, I am finding all sorts of funny wrestling pictures all over the internet constantly and they need to be posted on here. We have a TWO member picture thread, so I say we need a wrestling picture thread. Be it actual pictures or photoshopped pictures you found funny or just a picture...