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    Holidays 2013

    I went to Hawaii in May, which was just incredible! :)
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    WWE UK & Ireland Tour - November 2013

    just doing the tapings this year...5th row ringside for both...I think :)
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    WWE UK Tour - November 2011

    went to the o2 show...we managed to get 2nd row ringside 2 hours before the show which was awesome :) was a good show, one of my favourite house shows that I've been to :)
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    Royal Rumble Random Lottery! *Win £14.95*

    if theres still time...count me in :)
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    What are you listening to? 2010 - 11

    Lee DeWyze- Simple Man
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    Have any ink or metal?

    Just got my 7th tattoo done today
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    Which internet browser do you use?

    IE at home, Safari on my ipod and firefox and IE at work.
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    So Where are You From?

    Was born in Ashford, Middlesex, lived there till I was 13 and moved down to the Isle of Wight and been here since.
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    What are you listening to? 2010 - 11

    Lee DeWyze/Crystal Bowersox- Falling Slowly
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    What Are You Watching TWENTY-TEN!!!

    I'm finally catching up with series 4 of Heroes. Was pretty disappointed in series 3, but loving series 4
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    What are you listening to? 2010 - 11

    Lee Dewyze- Beast of Burden
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    What are you listening to? 2010 - 11

    Scouting For Girls- This Ain't A Love Song
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    Welcome :)
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    I'm gonna be a Daddy!!

    Congrats :D
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    Soggy Biscuit

    digestives or custard creams <3
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    Phobias. What's Yours?

    Heights, spiders and snakes are the main ones. I'm not fond of lifts or flying either. and needles...getting tattooed isn't a problem for me, yet i freaked out when i had to have a blood test.
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    WWE UK Tour - November 2010

    We're going Cardiff, Birmingham and both tapings. Possibly gonna do Notts too, but will decide nearer the time on that.
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    What are you listening to? 2010 - 11

    Dave Barnes~ On A Night Like This