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  1. Kam

    Is this forum finished?

    I pretty much stopped updating it when I took a break from running the WWE FWL/Prediction Leagues. I've found it hard to get invested in any WWE programming over the past few years. The plan was always to do a relaunch when I started a new season for the games (I still get people asking when...
  2. Kam

    Columbus Day rumor

    I don't think I can ever remember a time where political support has been so polarising - and not just in the USA, seems like it's everywhere! As long as the discussion is within the rules there isn't any action required (unless I missed something?), the discussion is open to everyone to debate etc.
  3. Kam

    WWE Network: What are you watching? about a blast from the past! :eek: Hope you are keeping well! I remember catching some of WCW which I think used to air late night on ITV. Once Nitro got going they aired it on TNT over here, so I watched that every week. I never watched any of the PPVs though as they never showed...
  4. Kam

    AEW Discussion 2020

    Oops - I edited my post - ECW ended a LONG time ago! I meant AEW :oops2:
  5. Kam

    WWE Lawsuits

    I thought you were joking...until I checked! :D
  6. undertaker-dirt-wrestlemania-36.jpg


    "Undertaker put AJ Styles in the dirt at WM36, winning the first-ever Boneyard Match. Get your piece of the action with the new WrestleMania 36 "Boneyard Edition Plaque with a capsule of dirt from the actual match! Exclusively at WWEShop! "
  7. Kam

    AEW Discussion 2020

    I think he'll be good for AEW...although I see him more similar to MJF character wise. Speaking of the WWE layoffs, I'd like to see Rusev show up too.
  8. Kam

    WWE WrestleMania 36 Discussion

    I like Taker and the deadman gimmick, he's had some great matches but his age has been showing more and more. Night #2 thoughts... ‪NXT Women’s Championship Rhea Ripley vs Charlotte Flair ‬ Charlotte ended Asuka's undefeated streak by making her tap out at WrestleMania and she never really...
  9. Kam

    WWE WrestleMania 36 Discussion

    There would have been some commitments with sponsors but ultimately it would have been Vince's decision. Every other major sporting event has been cancelled, WrestleMania is the only one I'm aware of that went ahead. I'm sure everyone would have understood if the event was postponed to later in...
  10. Kam

    WWE WrestleMania 36 Discussion

    @Knox - I amended your post to include the poster/scheduled matches, we might as well make this the official discussion thread :) I know some of the matches have changed but I've left it to how WWE have it announced at the moment. This feels so surreal for me. I cannot believe we're going to...
  11. Kam

    The Walking Dead S10 Discussion

    I thought it was another good episode. I hadn't seen the trailer so was surprised to see a battle. In the past, they'd tend to hype it up over lots of episodes before we finally got to it. Since the mid-season break it's nice to see them speed up the pace. I'm enjoying the show again. I feel...
  12. Kam

    WWE Elimination Chamber 2020

    Ah, that explains the match then :P Part of WWE's problem is they seem to switch superstars from jobber status to attempting to make them look like threats without any kind of progression to make them a threat. If WWE capitalised on this match and built Gulak up, I'm sure he'd do OK as he's not...
  13. Kam

    WWE Elimination Chamber 2020

    I've not watched that much WWE over the past few weeks but I tuned in to Elimination Chamber... Drew Gulak vs. Daniel Bryan I haven't seen Smackdown in a few weeks so I had no idea this was on the card. After seeing Gulak jobbed out since his move to Smackdown, this one surprised me. Good...
  14. Kam

    AEW Discussion 2020

    I noticed Amell too but thought it can't have been him since he wasn't mentioned at all. Glad to see you enjoyed it as much as I did!
  15. Kam

    AEW Discussion 2020

    I watched Revolution - I thought it was excellent! Jake Hager / Dustin Rhodes - Good opener, did what it needed to do Darby Allin / Sammy Guevara - How over is Darby?! He's got a great look/presence, some nice moments in this one. I'm glad Darby one but I'd like to see Sammy pick up some more...
  16. Kam


  17. Kam

    Damn! Been three years since the last one.

    The site began in 2000 (was using a different forum software to begin with)...we'll be 20 years old on June 25th :eek:
  18. Kam

    WWE RAW Discussion Thread 2020

    I hadn't even thought about Rhea until Charlotte mentioned '...A CHAMPION', then we heard the rumblings of Rhea from the crowd. I'd actually quite like that but will be worried for Rhea. Asuka lost to Charlotte at Mania, I can see the same thing happening to Rhea. She's got some great momentum...
  19. Kam

    WWE RAW Discussion Thread 2020

    That Edge beatdown was brutal! I was hoping we might see Shayna...but I guess there is always Smackdown :)
  20. Kam

    WWE Royal Rumble 2020 Discussion

    I have to admit, the Royal Rumble has always been one of my favorite matches so I was looking forward to this. Opener was OK, better than I expected but I'm still bored with this feud. I was thinking they'd do a 6 man match at Mania between Corbin/Ziggler/Roode vs The Usos and Reigns but I...