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  1. DC

    Playstation Plus - Instant Game Collection (updated when new games are revealed)

    The games are free for the month that they are in the PS+ window, but so long as you have an active subscription, the games remain playable. One big change since this was last updated is that the PS3 and Vita is no longer supported, so there is only two PS4 games (and sometimes a VR title) each...
  2. DC

    WWE Royal Rumble 2018 Discussion Thread - January 28, 2018 from Philadelphia, PA (#31)

    Would you have preferred overbearing heel-GM Stephanie shitting over everyone?
  3. DC

    WWE Royal Rumble 2018 Discussion Thread - January 28, 2018 from Philadelphia, PA (#31)

    Haven't been around for a while, so thought I'd pop in and see what was said about the Rumble. Give over, man. Meltzer's opinions are just that, but to say he doesn't have any credible inside knowledge is as asinine a statement as has been said on this forum... and I was here for the Jayfunk...
  4. DC

    Tear Jerkers

    Armageddon... and I'm not even joking. "THAT IS MY FATHER UP THERE" and "That man's not a salesman. That's your daddy" get me every time. More traditionally, Sweet November.
  5. DC

    Hideo Itami coming to...205 Live

    Neville is still around (i.e. under contract), so he might come back, though more likely into the main-show mid-card.
  6. DC

    Been watching wrestling since I was a kid!

    It was still sports-entertainment, with flamboyant characters and the like. The term itself may not have been coined at this point (Vince hadn't taken over from his dad), but the wrestling had started to move away from the pure-shooter-style of wrestling (40min matches with 30mins of headlocks...
  7. DC

    WWE SmackDown LIVE Discussion Thread - November 21, 2017 from Houston, TX (#953)

    The finisher works when done properly. These two didn't lift Mojo high enough or drop him hard enough, but if they can get better at it, then the move is great for them. Here are the Backseat Boyz hitting their version. If BB hit it with this much impact (and with their size), it'll look...
  8. DC

    Hideo Itami coming to...205 Live

    It's a catch-22. The division doesn't have as much credibility as it should (though it's getting there), so when someone is put on the show, the perception is that it's a demotion or not enough of a promotion for those coming in from NXT. But the other side of that coin is to get the...
  9. DC

    Been watching wrestling since I was a kid!

    It was sports-entertainment back then too.
  10. DC

    Rerun Movies

    Remakes are almost as old as the movie business itself. Case in point; The Great Train Robbery, considered the first "proper" movie was released in 1903 and was essentially remade in 1904 as The Bold Bank Robbery. As I've said many, many times (including the article Kam kindly mentioned)...
  11. DC

    The H-Bomb & J-Rock Unboxing Show

  12. DC

    Random comments and suchlike

    That's the thing though; it's his sandbox and his toys, so he can do what he likes with them in that regard.
  13. DC

    WWE Battleground 2017 Discussion Thread - July 23, 2017 from Philadelphia, PA (#5)

    Smackdown has The Fashion Files, so I'll forgive any and all other sins.
  14. DC

    Random comments and suchlike

    If it outright contradicts what is happening on the show (or in future episodes for said characters), accidentally (on purpose) mentions a spoiler or has the talent openly dissing their booking, etc, then Vince will rightly feel it's going to be a problem. If the show was done in the vein of...
  15. DC

    Random comments and suchlike

    From reports, it was a snap decision by Vince McMahon because he didn't like that it was genuinely unscripted, meaning the talent were speaking for themselves in their own words (he was concerned it would affect the scripted shows should a TS comment contradict something).
  16. DC

    What is Kurt Angle's big secret?

    To flip that around, I doubt any of the sponsors would risk being tarnished as anti-LGBT by commenting / acting negatively towards such a storyline.
  17. DC

    The H-Bomb & J-Rock Unboxing Show

  18. DC

    The H-Bomb & J-Rock Unboxing Show

    Shameless shill a-go-go. My 10yr-old son and I started a YouTube channel a few weeks ago and here we are, cap-in-hand, asking for your help. It's an unboxing show covering figures and collectables in the world of pop-culture. Please subscribe to the channel, watch / like the videos and help us...
  19. DC

    WWE Mae Young Classic 2017 Discussion Thread - August 28, 2017 - September 12, 2017 from Orlando, FL

    The full first round has also been taped, so be careful when looking around as there will be spoilers galore.
  20. DC

    WWE Great Balls of Fire 2017 Discussion Thread - July 9, 2017 from Dallas, TX (#1)

    Again, that was part of the point. Two guys, with no story, are thrown out there for no reason other than to avoid "dead air" in the arena. It made it seem more "real" overall, like back in the day when WCW would have stand-by matches because an announced match either ended quicker than expected...