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  1. Greylien

    X Rays On Mars Maybe I'm just an old fogey of sorts, but the technology we have just amazes me. X-Rays on Mars. What's next? Human robots to do the building?
  2. Greylien

    AI Can Write Pretty Good The article I linked is about 500 words long and was written entirely by artificial intelligence. They sat it took less time to edit that an article similar in length written by a human. The aliens are here...
  3. Greylien

    Techsexual IS A Thing

    You heard that right. More men it seems are getting aroused by technology than ever before. Can we blame Covid for this? Or is technology just getting that good?
  4. Greylien

    FB For Research

    We hear people periodically complain about the privacy issue with Facebook. But don't you think there are quite a few people out there who use that venue to research business avenues so they can move up in whatever career field they are in?
  5. Greylien

    Owen Hart

    Back in 1999/2000 when the family of Owen Hart sued for, and won, a settlement totaling 18 million USD, did the ticket prices to events go up? I can't remember.
  6. Greylien

    Can You Say..........OUCH!!

    Both knees were fractured when this professional power lifter attempted to squat 882 pounds. That's nearly a half ton for those of you keeping score. Story I hope he's able to get back to it eventually.
  7. Greylien

    Tom Hanks Is Now Greek

    Meaning he got his citizenship, not that he.......changed.....or anything. :D I say good for him. He looks happy. I just have to wonder if he's going to retire though.
  8. Greylien

    Holograms Of Fans

    I don't know if I titled that right, but what are the chances of major league teams making holograms of fans with along crowd noises, cheering, etc......piped in? It doesn't seem natural watching a baseball game with zero fans in the stands. It's just not enjoyable for me.
  9. Greylien

    Patrick Stewart Memoir

    I for one am stoked about this. He's 80 years old now so there has got to be a lot for him to pick and choose from. I anticipate it's going to be one of the best written books I'll have ever read. Opinions? Like, would you take a day off work to go to a book signing?
  10. Greylien


    All this talk about Iran counter-striking this, revenge that, blood of Americans yadda yadda..........everyone should settle down. Iran is not going to strike America. It's never going to happen. Our military weapons would prevent any strike of any kind. They want to do something, so they...
  11. Greylien

    Is Seattle Gloomy?

    You betcha! They say when you have nothing else to talk about, you talk about the weather. But this...….Gloomy Seattle takes the cake. Would you move there if you got a killer job opportunity? Knowing what the weather is like?
  12. Greylien

    Speeding Tickets

    When was the last time you got one? It seems like I get one per year, and it's always the same time of year. Trust me, this time of year is not the only time I speed so it seems a bit odd that I only get caught during this time.
  13. Greylien

    Who Is Better?

    Here is some entertainment for everyone, but it comes with a price. Of all British singers during a 20 to 30 year stretch, who had the best vocals? Roger Daltry or Elton John? i'm flipping a coin here, please help me decide.
  14. Greylien

    For All The Stalkers And Hackers

    You are weird, lonely and you need to get a life. This internet thing was and is supposed to be a supplement to your life. It was never meant to be your life. So shut the computer off, go outside, take a walk and start associating with real people. You're annoying all of us.
  15. Greylien

    Christmas Giving

    I've been goofy today, so let me change my tone for a bit. We are all asked what we want for Christmas. Or what gifts you plan to give to someone else. But what about giving? Of yourself I mean. Do you have any plans to give your time to a worthy cause this season? Like helping the homeless...
  16. Greylien

    Changing The Terms

    Since we can watch 30 or 40 shows in the space of a few days, binge watching, doesn't the term "season" seem a bit dated? Season 1, season 2, etc........ If you could think of a different term to categorize 15 or so episodes, what would it be?
  17. Greylien

    Quitting Smoking

    Any non-smokers out there? I've been doing for many years now and I really want to quit, but I really can't. Any suggestions would be helpful.
  18. Greylien

    The Dark Side Of Wrestling

    If you could pinpoint one aspect of the wrestling industry as being "The Dark Side" of wrestling, what would it be? Every industry has issues that could be addressed to make it better.
  19. Greylien

    Apple Vs. Android

    I have always had an Android phone, so could someone tell me the difference between the two? Or is it really just a matter of personal preference that drives someone to buy one and not the other?
  20. Greylien

    Shower Thoughts

    Shower thoughts are those when you have a seeming moment of clarity about a simple issue that you never thought of before while you are in the shower. An example: Our own speaking voices sound better to us than to other people. That being the case, imagine what Morgan Freeman hears when he...