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  1. Greylien

    US Mail boxes

    I think they have a master key, now that you mention it. It opens the back panel and the "boxes" are probably numbered. They would have to be, really.
  2. Greylien

    X Rays On Mars Maybe I'm just an old fogey of sorts, but the technology we have just amazes me. X-Rays on Mars. What's next? Human robots to do the building?
  3. Greylien

    AI Can Write Pretty Good The article I linked is about 500 words long and was written entirely by artificial intelligence. They sat it took less time to edit that an article similar in length written by a human. The aliens are here...
  4. Greylien

    US Mail boxes

    Those boxes you described are still around, but not nearly as much as they used to be. You see them in the older neighborhoods or older towns that haven't grown much. In the bigger cities that are getting newer neighborhoods, there is a "bank" of mailboxes in one part of the neighborhood that...
  5. Greylien

    That Poor Village

    That is funny. Old technology disrupting new technology. Who would have thought? It kind of makes you wonder just how solid our new technology is.
  6. Greylien

    Techsexual IS A Thing

    You heard that right. More men it seems are getting aroused by technology than ever before. Can we blame Covid for this? Or is technology just getting that good?
  7. Greylien

    Name My Website

    Doesn't that send the wrong signal? People who read books aren't likely to click on that link. Pushing The Pen. Sound good? A Book A about that one?
  8. Greylien

    Kiss, Beatles, and?

    The Travelling Wilburys. I don't know if super-groups like that count, but they meet the your qualifications. Other than them, I can't think of any either.
  9. Greylien

    Most Americans Seem Confused

    I get the feeling that people are getting tired of the "Lesser of two evils" options they always have. I can't can't blame them either. We just don't get good candidates anymore.
  10. Greylien

    FB For Research

    We hear people periodically complain about the privacy issue with Facebook. But don't you think there are quite a few people out there who use that venue to research business avenues so they can move up in whatever career field they are in?
  11. Greylien

    WWE virus outbreak over?

    The outbreak isn't over, but neither is the WWE. People get sick. That's what we do. They will open back up soon even if it means putting only 1/3 or so of fans in the venues.
  12. Greylien

    Writing A Novel

    You can always just edit what you have and make a novelette or short story out of it. It's your work of art, you can make it what you want.
  13. Greylien

    Owen Hart

    Back in 1999/2000 when the family of Owen Hart sued for, and won, a settlement totaling 18 million USD, did the ticket prices to events go up? I can't remember.
  14. Greylien

    Female Wrestlers Earn Less

    People pay more of a ticket price to watch the men and the audiences are larger. Hence, the men can, and do, demand more pay. It's not so the much the leagues or the women who dictate the pay. Ultimately, it's fans.
  15. Greylien

    Lid shortage

    What happened to all her lids? Did evil jar gnomes take the lids as a prank? LOL They usually sell them as a set, which might give the impression they are out.
  16. Greylien

    The Umbrella Academy

    The reviews that hooked me into wanting to watch it, are the ones that call it a dark comedy. I like those. The Superhero premise, in my opinion, is played out. So a twist like that makes it more watchable.
  17. Greylien

    Can You Say..........OUCH!!

    Both knees were fractured when this professional power lifter attempted to squat 882 pounds. That's nearly a half ton for those of you keeping score. Story I hope he's able to get back to it eventually.
  18. Greylien

    What Are Your Plans?

    I have to pay attention to my automobile today. That is a high priority. When I have something like that going on, I don't list other projects because I don't want to put a time stamp on a high priority.
  19. Greylien

    Outside theater

    An outdoor theater could simply mean putting an 84 inch T.V. outside. Or in your garage while you put chairs in the driveway. Aside from the cost of an 84" screen, popcorn and soda, it wouldn't cost much.
  20. Greylien

    Chicago Fire, PD, Med

    No, but I'll bet Chicago PD would be an action packed show if they filmed it on the south side. I've been to that city a few times. Red lights are just a suggestion in certain parts.