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  1. KaliR

    Patrick Mahomes

    What a feel good story. I love when we see professional athletes get engaged or married to their "before famous" girlfriends. He got engaged over the weekend.
  2. KaliR

    Bachelor or Bachelorette

    Does anyone watch these shows? I did back when they first started to air. I wonder how many of these couples are still together. I believe Ryan and Trista... any others?
  3. KaliR

    James Patterson

    Any James Patterson fans here? I have recently started reading his books. There are so many to choose from. Any favorites? Any authors that are similar?
  4. KaliR

    How to get into

    There is a teenager in my hometown that wants to be a MMA fighter. I'm from a small town. Anyone know anyone personally who went into this field? Did they make it to be a professional? Any tips?
  5. KaliR

    Go to picnic dish

    I've been invited to a cookout almost every week. I always have to take a dish to pass. I'm getting sick of making mac salad. What's your go-to dish? Post a recipe if you have one.
  6. KaliR

    Favorite old movie

    What's your favorite older movie? Do you ever just want to binge watch old movies all day? I've been watching a lot of older movies on TV. I'm watching Bull Durham right now.
  7. KaliR

    The 100

    Anyone else watch this TV show? I love it! I watched 5 seasons on Netflix in a month or so. I am patiently waiting for Season 7. I have been reading reviews that Bellamy is only in a few episodes. What the heck? He's my favorite!
  8. KaliR

    Bubba Wallace

    Today I watched all Nascar drivers stand and walk with Bubba. So many people have things to say, an opinion on whether he put the noose in his area or if someone else did. I was just glad to see the other drivers stand with him!
  9. KaliR

    Blue Man Group

    Has anyone been to see the Blue Man Group? I went to a show right before the pandemic. I was impressed! For a 90 minute show with no talking, it was impressive.
  10. KaliR

    Up in the air still...

    I bought tickets to a Yankees game for June. I haven't heard anything about refunds or anything! I highly doubt the US will be ready to have that many people together in one stadium that soon. Anyone know what's going on? Latest rumors for MLB?
  11. KaliR


    Anyone stuck home and watching Netflix? If so, what are you watching? We just finished up the 100 seasons. We watched all 6 seasons of Longmire too. Looking for recommendations, no Tiger King.
  12. KaliR

    The Walking Dead: World Beyond

    What, if anything has anyone heard about this new show coming out on AMC? I saw the premiere was pushed back a couple of months. I haven't seen a lot but I do love the original.
  13. KaliR

    Summer Olympics

    What is everyone thinking about the summer Olympics? Will they be played? Will all the countries send players? The world is a scary place right now.
  14. KaliR


    Anyone watch this movie? I've got to say that I thought it was a great movie, but unrealistic at times. It really pulled on my heartstrings. I will probably rewatch it when it comes out on DVD. Thoughts on it?
  15. KaliR

    Simone Johnson

    Anyone see that The Rock's daughter is jumping into wrestling? 4th generation of Johnson's to wrestle. It will be interesting to see what she can do and if they make her famous.