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  1. Mendez

    Has WWE become a circus?

    I'm a big fan of the WWE, have been for quite some years now. It's not very popular here in the UK but I enjoy watching. I feel like it's become so popular over the past years that it's become more of a circus. The arenas are getting bigger and they are trying harder to lure in more fans by...
  2. Mendez

    Samsung vs iPhone

    So, a long time ago I used to have Android phones. Unfortunately, they always failed on me, broke, slowed down, etc. I have had iPhones for the past 4 or 5 years and they have never broken, never had any problems with them. I will say I never got the newest one, I am now still rocking the 6s and...
  3. Mendez


    Are there any fans of YouTube on here? Who or what do you like to watch? It's a hobby that I've had for the past 10+ years. I enjoy any type of content that is good. I watch a couple of vloggers (David Dobrik is my favorite), I watch series on there, documentaries and videos like those of Dude...
  4. Mendez

    The best athletes in team sports?

    I've been having this conversation with a friend of mine. He said that soccer players are the best athletes. I disagreed, because although I do think they are athletes because they can run real fast and need good footwork, I think american football or rugby players are better athletes, and even...
  5. Mendez

    MTV shows from back in the day

    I remember when MTV started broadcasting TV shows like Jackass and The Real World. What were some shows you loved watching? I loved Jackass, Punk'd and of course Beavis and Butthead. Was never a big fan of all the "girly" shows.
  6. Mendez

    US soccer getting more popular?

    I am a very big fan of soccer here in the UK, and I feel like US soccer has been picking up some popularity in the States because several teams (LAFC) have signed some major soccer pros from Europe. Do you feel like there are teams that could stand their ground against a good European team, or...
  7. Mendez

    Nostalgia over quality?

    I've been reading a lot about all the backlash game creators are getting over the new stuff coming out and I feel like a lot of the backlash stems from nostalgia. I believe that nothing beats nostalgia. The same goes for movies - even if the very first movie wasn't too great, when we watched as...