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    Series I've abandoned watching before

    So, I know this is a thread rez, but whatever, there's literally nothing else going on here...I mean, considering 1 ) the state of the world, 2 ) AEW being awesome 3) the lack of any new posts we, the people of this forum, may just have aged out of all this...and that genuinely makes me sad...
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    Any good franchise finales?

    The Rise of Skywalker was a disappointment after The Last Jedi. Neither is perfect, by any means, but at least TLJ tried something different (albeit to mixed reception) while TRoS was a misguided attempt to retcon all of the so called controversy out. Even with that said, nothing TRoS did was...
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    Who is/was your favorite wrestler in WWE?

    SCSA, and, dare I say (oh, shit, I guess I do) Chris Benoit. Is he a piece of shit for what he did? No doubt, but that doesn't change what he was capable of between the bells. Also, Michaels, Eddie and Pillman. And The Rock, as a talker, was godly. Also, and it goes against literally every...
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    Movie and TV disappointments

    At least you have that as an excuse.... I watched them voluntarily, though it was, at least partially, ironic (I mean, seriously, what vampire fiction could hope to hold a candle to Buffy/Angel). As it turns out, not Twilight. Though I will give both Robert and Kristen their due, since as...
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    Computer nerds - I'm building a new PC!

    Ah, don't get me wrong, the people who actually design new tech are just amazingly intelligent. It's just that they deliberately design it so that almost anyone can do it. I used to work for a company that, amongst other things, built PC's and servers from high level components (eg. case...
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    Damn! Been three years since the last one.

    @WAYNE assuming @Kam was the first, it looks like since 2001. Holy shite, I've just realised how long I've been here... too damn old..
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    Joining a book club

    I can see how it might be a good thing for some people, especially in regards to forcing you out of your comfort zone with what you read. But, it's very much not for me. I can spout pretentious, pseudo-intellectual bullshit with the best of them if I really have to (by which I, of course, mean...
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    A TV series or movie you could rewatch

    Rewatch as in background I don't have to pay attention too and is better than the BS on terrestrial... Archer and Rick and Morty. Also South Park, Family Guy and American Dad. Rewatch as in pay attention to, pretty much any Joss Whedon show, but I don't really have time to even keep up with...
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    The end of a decade

    Ugh, digital assistants... eww... I make a point of making all my friends and family who have and use them regret it. Go on, explain why spotify thinks you LOVE Rick Astley ... or why amazon has delivered a 40 inch strap on.
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    PS4 or Xbox One?

    @lymmo Well, they're starting to bridge the gap between consoles and PC's. Hardware wise, it seems like Sony are a bit stuck. Their single model is probably going to be at or around the same price as the high end xbox.... which spanks it in performance terms. As someone who bleeds blue, it...
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    Your Online Security

    I mean, there definitely is something to be gained from it in the broadest sense, but hacking your home wifi probably isn't worth the effort when so many people willingly join, for instance, McDonalds002... SURPRISE! that's not actually a McDonalds wifi you just joined and every password you...
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    Computer nerds - I'm building a new PC!

    If you think that M2 thing pissed you off, imagine ordering a Q6600 literally 2 days before the i5 launch. Yeah, that was me, seeing 50% of the order I hadn't even received yet pissed down the drain. Never, ever again. Bleeding edge can f*** right off. Also, you're 100% right, there isn't very...
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    WW3 is a stretch, but a dirty bomb strike on US or UK military assets abroad seems plausible. A dirty bomb on either homeland or civilian assets however seems implausible, if only because Iran is probably wise enough to understand the consequences of such a thing. Specifically, we would turn...
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    Most memorable feuds of past decade

    CM Punk vs Cena, mostly for the pipebomb promo, but also because WWE actually let CM Punk win. Also, Michaels vs Taker, it barely makes the cut as part 2 was in 2010, but damn if that didn't have me invested.
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    PS4 or Xbox One?

    Ok, so from the perspective of someone who has both an xbox 1s and a ps4, though neither and xbox 1x or ps pro, I'd say it comes down to 2 considerations. The most important is : what do you want to play? And by this I mean the bullshit that is exclusives. In the current gen, PS4 has this on...
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    Who Is Better?

    I'm kinda biased to Roger, since he played Hugh Fitzcairn in the Highlander TV series... but I have to go with Elton. Anyone who can make a cynical bastard like me well up is pretty damn good. And no, it's not Candle in the Wind. Fucking Daniel though, gets me in the feels every time....
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    Top 5 comedy characters?

    I could fill this with characters just from South Park, but I'll resist. Stewie (family guy) Sledge Hammer (sledge hammer!, special shout out to her) tie between Eric Cartman, Randy Marsh, Butters and Kenny (south park) Mr Burns (simpsons) Sophia Petrillo (golden girls)
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    Doctor Strange

    So, this is out today. I wasn't really hyped for this, in fact I had some real doubts. Magic is a dubious prospect in a world that has been comparatively grounded until now. But I had nothing better to do this evening... and it was awesome. This is probably my joint second favorite standalone...
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    What are your thoughts on Lance Armstrong?

    Personally, I don't care about the doping at all, everyone was doing it back then, it's the shitty human being he demonstrated himself to be, as stated above. He should have all his assets seized and distributed to the people he ruined, and thrown in prison for perjury.
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    Suicide Squad

    My point was that you can like anything you want, without insisting that it's good. I like Bud Spencer and Terrence Hill movies, but I wouldn't say they're great cinema. Fuck, I even liked BvS, but I wouldn't say it's a good movie. There are plenty of technical things about movies which are not...