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  1. RandyW


    I have been looking into buying a new bike. I own a Harley and a Suzuki. My buddy wants me to look at an Indian. Who owns one? How are they? I'm having a hard time thinking about not buying a Harley.
  2. RandyW

    Ugh, cost of lumber

    We are in the beginning stages of building a new garage. I can't believe the cost of lumber and the shortage too. The pressure treated looks horrible with knots and cracks! Anyone else seeing this increase?
  3. RandyW

    Rock and XFL

    Anyone see the news about the Rock buying the NFL for 15 million? I have watched a game or two of the XFL but I don't really know any teams. Do you think that this was a good choice?
  4. RandyW

    Fear the Walking Dead

    Anyone watch this show? I was thinking of catching up on Netflix. I've never seen it. Is it anything like The Walking Dead? Any of the same actors?
  5. RandyW

    Favorite Marvel movie

    What's your favorite Marvel movie? Have you seen them all? I really enjoyed Endgame but to be honest I liked most of them. I'm pretty sure that I've seen them all.
  6. RandyW


    So my son wants to go kayaking. I've never been. Do you think you can teach old dogs new tricks? I am a canoe or boat fan. How hard is it to use a kayak?
  7. RandyW

    Grand Isle

    Has anyone watched this Nicolas Cage movie? I was looking for something new to watch and saw this. I've never seen it or even heard about it. Was it good?
  8. RandyW

    NFL fan and season

    President Trump has been saying that we will be back to the "new normal" in time for the season. I sure hope so. I've tried to watch reruns of past Super Bowls but it's not the same! Anyway, whose your team? I'm a Steelers fan!
  9. RandyW

    Favorite actors

    Who is your favorite actor? Will you watch a movie just because they are in it? I've always loved Nicolas Cage and Adam Sandler. I think I've watched every movie they have been on. A lot of disappointments for sure. Who do you like? I'm looking for some new movies.
  10. RandyW

    Who is still working

    I'm wondering who is working and who is on lock down, or social distancing. Here where I live, our Governor has said 100% non-essential workers must stay home. I'm essential though, lineman, so I'm working.