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  1. coleman

    The Merseyside derby

    Liverpool last lost at home to Crystal Palace in April 2017, with former player Cristian Benteke scoring two goals. This year's derby will be a mouthwatering encounter since, unlike Liverpool, the league leaders have enjoyed a 4-game unbeaten run. What are your predictions?
  2. coleman

    Raw Underground

    Sometime in August, Shane McMahon introduced Raw Underground during an episode of Monday Night Raw. These "shoot-style fights" are now to be discontinued. Could it be that a show that ran for eight straight weeks didn't take off as expected?
  3. coleman

    The uptake of automation

    There is a prediction that robots could take over 20 million manufacturing jobs in 10 years. They could bring benefits regarding productivity and economic growth, but they won't be cheap to put into use, right?
  4. coleman

    Demographics of gamers

    A lot has changed in 10 years, and now gaming is a global phenomenon. Retail releases are dwindling when compared to digital downloads. While gaming demographics have shifted, do you think that the expanding demographics of gamers require advancing technology in the future?
  5. coleman

    The Fugitive

    Do you remember when this movie came out, and everyone was talking about it? I remember watching it when almost everyone had done so. I was a Harrison Ford fan and watched every movie in which he starred. This movie was a commercial success, going on to gross about $370 million against a $44...
  6. coleman

    Some hope for the Gunners

    Arsenal finished this season with an FA Cup trophy when the duel on 1st June had everyone predicting an easy win for Chelsea FC. Even with one-man less, the eventual losers enjoyed greater ball possession. Now we turn our attention to the Champions League after a wrap up of most European League...
  7. coleman

    Regaining top form

    The team I support has been blowing hot and cold, winning one game and losing the next. The unprecedented break could have affected team cohesion, with most of the teams yet to gain momentum.
  8. coleman

    New releases

    In as much as I am yet to be a PS4 guru, I keep myself abreast of happenings in this space. I was watching the trailer to The Last of Us Part II, and the graphics are out of this world. Which new releases have captured your mind?
  9. coleman

    Call of Duty: WWII

    I am not much of a gamer but feel like COD is the most popular video game out here, especially the fourteenth game in the series Call of Duty: World at War. There is more fun playing against your friends online.
  10. coleman

    Where are stand up comedians?

    Are the comedy goalposts shifting, and is society expecting this art form to be more socially conscious? Is there more censorship, or are changes and heightened awareness to blame? We are now seeing the likes of Kevin Hart getting roles in movies. Perhaps it is time to move on!
  11. coleman

    Euro 2020

    Who are you rooting for in this competition that starts in June? Will Portugal be the second team in history to win back to back titles? In my opinion, France and Belgium are the teams to watch!
  12. coleman

    Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder

    The rematch was bound to happen, and when it did, the Brit carried the day. Now we have the possibility of a rematch going down soon. Who do you think will win this? The winner should surely fight Anthony Joshua; this duel is long overdue!
  13. coleman

    Jumanji: The Next Level

    There are mixed reviews about this movie, with some people claiming that it doesn't have the surprise factor of the last film. A cast including Kevin Hart will have hilarious moments, so I'm looking forward to watching it.
  14. coleman

    Most difficult sport

    I tried to learn how to play tennis before, and it is easy to assume that it is less physically demanding than other sports. Not only do you need to know how to hold the racket well, but you also have to hit the ball with power and precision. Which sport have you found to be the most difficult?
  15. coleman

    End of the road for Unai Emery

    It wasn't a matter of 'if' but 'when' Arsenal would sack Arsene Wenger's replacement because his time at the club has been tumultuous. Unai Emery failed to inspire a team that is full of talent. Is it always an uphill task to find replacements for long-serving coaches? Manchester United...
  16. coleman

    Jose Mourinho is back!

    Who would have thought that Mourinho would return to England (again) 15 years after his initial sting with Chelsea? There isn't much to talk about now, except the fact that he promises to end the club's 11-year trophy drought. Will he succeed at White Hart Lane?
  17. coleman

    A reading challenge

    Three months ago, I decided to spend more time reading books. I came up with a reading challenge, hoping to have finished 30 books by the end of the year. It sounded unrealistic, yet I am almost half-way through. I have never felt so good about myself before!
  18. coleman

    Reasons for retiring

    Most sportspersons retire at the climax of their careers. Khabib Nurmagomedov, the Lightweight UFC champion boasts one of the best records. According to him, staying undefeated is no mean fete. He plans to retire in two to three years because "a lot of young and hungry guys are coming."
  19. coleman

    The transition of video games

    Gaming and technology have come from way back, and advancements in the latter have ensured that games have become more intuitive and realistic than ever before. Do you recall how unpleasant it was to battle the computer back in the old days? The experience now is much more exciting, thanks to...
  20. coleman

    Your favorite sport

    I enjoy watching soccer and athletics. There is still a long way to go with the rugby world cup, and at this point, it is difficult to give a prediction of the eventual winner. I don't know much about cricket or golf, but I find myself following tournaments in these categories.