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  1. DC

    The H-Bomb & J-Rock Unboxing Show

    Shameless shill a-go-go. My 10yr-old son and I started a YouTube channel a few weeks ago and here we are, cap-in-hand, asking for your help. It's an unboxing show covering figures and collectables in the world of pop-culture. Please subscribe to the channel, watch / like the videos and help us...
  2. DC

    Shootings and an explosion outside Westminster (4 dead, 20+ injured)

    Source: Uproxx ------------------------------------------------------------------- An Explosion And Gunfire Rock U.K. Parliament, Causing At Least A Dozen Injuries And Multiple Fatalities #POLICE SHOOTINGS ANDREW HUSBAND 03.22.17 At least a dozen people were injured following reports of an...
  3. DC

    Vitor Belfort mentions CM Punk as his retirement fight opponent

    Um... Ooooo-kaaaaaay?
  4. DC


    Anybody else watching this? Five episodes in and I still have no real idea what's actually going on, even though I am enjoying it.
  5. DC

    The Authentic Untold Story Of ECW on WWE Network

    This airs on the Network after RAW on Monday and will also feature Taz, Tommy Dreamer and The Dudleys.
  6. DC

    WWE are giving the Cruiserweights their own 1hr weekly show

    Credit: Uproxx ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WWE Announces There Will Be A New, Weekly Cruiserweight Show BILL HANSTOCK 11.02.16 • 35 COMMENTS WWE experienced a lot of success and critical acclaim over the summer with their 10-week...
  7. DC

    Tommy End, Mary Dobson and Big Damo officially announced as WWE signees

    WWE.COM have an article up about the recent signings. Three internationally acclaimed Superstars have arrived at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Fla., to begin training. Tom Budgen, Damian Mackle and Sarah Bridges — known around the world as Tommy End, Big Damo and “Crazy” Mary Dobson...
  8. DC

    Red Dead 2, It's Official!!

    First there was this... ... which got pulses quickening due to the way the colour was used being evocative of RDR, but could have been a number of things overall. However, earlier today, Rockstar posted another image... ... and this one is unmistakably Red Dead in some form. Some sites...
  9. DC

    Lethal Weapon - TV Series

    Is anybody watching this? I had trepidation coming in, but it's been great so far.
  10. DC

    UFC 204

    Bisping v Henderson was an amazing fight.
  11. DC

    PS4 + Lego Star Wars: TFA for £150.00 Get yourself over there pronto...
  12. DC

    Curtis Hanson has died

    The director of The Hand That Rocks the Cradle, Wonder Boys, 8 Mile and L.A. Confidential (his best work) passed away at the age of 71 yesterday. RIP
  13. DC

    The 2nd Annual The Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic is a go

    WWE is continuing their trend for tournament-based special events and having another Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, with the final due to take place at the Takeover event prior to Survivor Series. A few first round matches took place on the most recent NXT taping, so be careful on your travels...
  14. DC

    Friday the 13th: The Game

    I'm really looking forward to this one. The first video is gameplay (very early build) and the second is a recently released one that showcases a multitude of kills from the game (but definitely not all of them) scored with a ridiculously cheesy track.
  15. DC

    The Grand Tour - Clarkson, Hammond & May's new show has a name

    "For the first time ever, the studio audience recordings will take place in a different worldwide location every week. In that spirit, the new show, coming exclusively to Amazon Prime members, will be called The Grand Tour."
  16. DC

    "And it's goodnight from him..." - Ronnie Corbett passes away

    BBC News Ronnie Corbett, best known for The Two Ronnies, dies aged 85 31 March 2016 From the sectionEntertainment & Arts Entertainer Ronnie Corbett, best known for BBC comedy sketch show The Two Ronnies, has died aged 85. His publicist said: "Ronnie Corbett CBE, one of the nation's...
  17. DC

    New York has finally legalised MMA in the state

    After a long battle, the state of New York has legalised Mixed Martial Arts across the state. UFC have been lobbying this for years, so Dana White and crew will be over the moon, with (you have to expect) planning for a huge show in MSG in the works.
  18. DC

    WWE announces the Global Cruiserweight Series

    ----------------------------------------------------------------- WWE Finally Announced The Cruiserweight Tournament We’ve All Been Waiting For BY: DANIELLE MATHESON 02.16.16 • 29 COMMENTS WWE NETWORK Wrestling fans have had a cruiserweight hole in their hearts for far too long. Now, our...
  19. DC

    Great sale on the Playstation Store (extra discount for PS+ members)

    List of games in the sale (PS+ price in parenthesis) and some great bargains, especially if you haven't played some of the more high-profile titles previously. Playstation 3 Beyond Good & Evil - £2.49 Call of Juarez: Gunslinger - £3.29 Hitman 2: Silent Assassin HD - £3.29 Hitman Contracts -...