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    Tom Hanks Is Now Greek

    Yes, that was pretty much my view of Cast Away too. I used to believe reviews, but now I am a bit more skeptical. It's like The Da Vinci Code, the book of the film by Dan Brown. I mean, it was top of the bestsellers list for weeks, but I thought it was awful. Trouble is, you have to buy a book...
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    Writing Robots

    I have just read an article about Artificial Intelligence being able to write fiction and news reports! A company backed by Elon Musk and others has developed a "robot" called GPT2. They say that it is "too dangerous to be released" which is probably just great marketing spin. Imagine if it is...
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    Sports Photographers

    I for one cannot see why a few photographers shouldn't be allowed in stadiums. There would be enough room for them to easily adhere to social distancing. How about this for an idea - a few rich folk could pay premium money for a ticket provided the money goes to a medical charity?
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    Tom Hanks Is Now Greek

    The worst Tom Hanks movies? I would go for a) The Da Vinci Code, b) Cast Away. The best? I would think it has to be Apollo 13, closely followed by Saving Private Ryan.
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    Netflix Series

    I must admit that Netflix is quite new to me, but I have been catching up on Peaky Blinders on it, and recently I have been watching Unsolved Mysteries, as I used to love the old version. I prefer to watch something that has a basis in reality, something that you can believe could actually...