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  1. Fordy

    Farming Simulator

    Yep, I saw that they were thinking of releasing a new one. From where I am, it's a big hit with the kids. Go figure, planting crops!
  2. Fordy

    Perry Mason

    Anyone watching the new Perry Mason show? It's nothing like the old Perry Mason but it's still pretty interesting. I won't spoil it, but go watch so we can chat.
  3. Fordy

    Netflix Series

    I watched Longmire and thought it was pretty good. It got a little slow at times but I guess that's what happens when you binge watch shows.
  4. Fordy

    Garth Brooks concerts

    I see Blake Shelton and Gwen Steffani are doing this too. I wonder if they are making money or what. It's pretty cool but I don't have a drive in close.
  5. Fordy

    States closing again?

    What are your thoughts on these states having crazy high numbers of COVID-19 cases again? Do you think they opened too fast? I heard Florida bars couldn't serve alcohol again. I see some shutting down, states that is.
  6. Fordy

    AMC theaters... step back

    Yeah, I laughed! Being a Trump supporter and saying they will be lax on masks. I guess they backfired because so many people complained. I mean, wear it in then take it off.
  7. Fordy

    The 100

    I love The 100. This is the last season I believe. I can't believe Bellamy isn't in many of the shows either. He went from a total jerk to being a hero of sorts. It's Sci-Fi.
  8. Fordy

    The Undertaker retires

    I don't think that the match would have been good. I think it's time he retires. Although I thought I read that they pretty much forced him to retire?
  9. Fordy


    Anyone planning a vacation during this pandemic? We are heading to Myrtle Beach in a few weeks. I sure hope that things go well. Anyone planning on going anywhere?
  10. Fordy

    Another shooting

    I saw this too. The sad thing is, every time a police shoots someone it will be another reason to riot. The first time I heard the story was definitely different than the video I saw. It sure is a scary world right now.
  11. Fordy

    Netflix Series

    What Netflix series are you watching? I have been watching just movies but thought I'd give some series a try. What are you watching? How many seasons?
  12. Fordy

    Blue Man Group

    I want to go! I have not yet. It is on the list I want to do before I die. I have heard it's a great show! Anyone sat in the front row, and gone up on stage?
  13. Fordy

    Mother Nature is crazy

    Climate change, a topic you hear about often. It's 92 today and tomorrow our high will be 65. 92 is hot for this time of year, here. 65 is cool for this time of year, here. I think mother nature is protesting.