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  1. Dwayne

    The Undertaker retires

    It is one thing to retire, and it is another to come to terms with it. The Undertaker seems to have come to terms with the end of his professional wrestling career that has been illustrious. Had it not been for COVID-19, his Wrestlmania match versus AJ Styles was going to be a major spectacle in...
  2. Dwayne

    Will Liverpool be crowned champions tonight?

    It was just a matter of time before Liverpool emerged champions. The fluidity of the team's playing style, as well as the consistency, guaranteed at least a title this season. The battle for the top four continues. Congratulations to The Kop; the 30-year old wait is finally over!
  3. Dwayne

    Bubba Wallace

    Investigations established that the noose had been there since last fall; hence this wasn't a hate crime targeting Wallace? Well, it seems believable, considering FBI agents were involved. Nonetheless, the discussion about race shouldn't stop here!
  4. Dwayne

    The 100

    I haven't watched a movie or TV show in a long time, even with the flexible schedules brought about by the COVID-19 disruption. What genre is The 100? I would love to start on this one; do you have an idea of which season will be the last?