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  1. Ravishing Empire

    What is the best 90s video game ?

    What is everyone’s favorite 90s video game?
  2. Ravishing Empire

    Past favorite female wrestler

    What’s everyone’s favorite past female wrestler ?
  3. Ravishing Empire

    Favorite wrestler right now

    What is everyone’s favorite wrestler right now?
  4. Ravishing Empire

    [42] FWL Update: Week 1

    thank you so much Kam I appericate it :) .
  5. Ravishing Empire

    [42] FWL Update: Week 1

    Hello one of my wrestlers Luke Harpers points didn't get added into my points and He is one part of Smackdowns Tag team champions after last nights Wrestle Mania why wasn't his points added in on my fantasy league?
  6. Ravishing Empire

    Fantasy Wrestling League (Season 41): Win up to £250!

    Hi I was just gonna ask the same thing I have been telling my wrestling fans about the leauge and would like to join the next fantasy leauge
  7. Ravishing Empire

    Who Is the Best WWE Female wrestler right now?

    was wondering who everyone thinks is the best female wrestler right now?
  8. Ravishing Empire

    Favourite Wrestling Themes

    [QThUOTE="Jamster26, post: 1164114, member: 19389"]Probably been done to death loads of times but what the heck. Post your favourite wresling theme songs here. Always liked this one. Not sure why he's called the "King of the Mountain" but it's catchy anyway. [video=youtube;bdFPKpSDXD4] this...
  9. Ravishing Empire

    Favourite Wrestling Themes

    I just listened to Mick Foleys theme song from when he was in TNA and I agree I do like the TNA theme song.
  10. Ravishing Empire

    NXT - Should it be included next season?

    I love the Idea of there being Nxt Points some of my favorite wrestlers are there. as for the points system I like the idea of the main title being 100 but as has far as the tag team and womens title points keep tag team at 50 and the women's title at 75 maybe the women's division is being...
  11. Ravishing Empire

    NXT Points

    I like the idea of there being points for the Nxt takeover , was wondering if this might be the start of a possibility of adding Nxt to the points system?
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  14. Randy Ortan

    Randy Ortan

  15. Ravishing Empire

    Hottest diva ever?

    I have a few in my opinion for both wrestling and looks I like from old school to new school Miss Elizabeth,Chyna, Sable,Trish stratus,Stephanie Mcman New school. I like Michell mcool and layla because there simply Flawless :) those are my favorite female wrestlers .