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  1. Snarky-Guru

    WWE WrestleMania 36 Discussion

    Drew McIntyre's big moment won't be so memorable without the crowd. I like the card as it is now, but I know it won't stay that way. There are some good matches lined up. Edge versus Orton will be dull I bet. I'd like to have seen Edge versus Goldberg instead. Cena versus The Fiend is the...
  2. Snarky-Guru

    AEW Discussion 2020

    Jeff Hardy is still signed with WWE, right? I don't think he can move to AEW unless they release him. I loved the Hardy Boyz tag team matches, but both are equally good alone. Nyla Rose is starting to show more personality and is more likable because of it.
  3. Snarky-Guru

    Weekend plans

    I have no plans and I'm bored out of my mind. I'm not working either at the moment, thanks to the coronavirus so there's a lot of time to kill. I might binge all of Westworld.
  4. Snarky-Guru

    Favorite authors

    J.K. Rowling is probably my favourite author, but I'm into nonfiction at the moment. I usually pick those books by their subject instead. Right now I'm reading The Sixth Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert.
  5. Snarky-Guru

    AEW Discussion 2020

    It was interesting to see Brodie Lee and QT Marshall square off. I've enjoyed Marshall on ROH over the years, but he's performing better than ever now. Still, Lee dominated that match. Who knew he had all that talent? Not Vince. I was disappointed in the bit between Hardy and Jericho...
  6. Snarky-Guru

    Working at home

    Tim Martin's PR flack had to know he'd come across like a spoiled petulant child. Refusing to pay the staff and suppliers was nothing more than a vindictive tantrum. I thought he was still going on about it though, and was refusing to pay his staff past Friday unless there's a firm date for...
  7. Snarky-Guru

    Best animation of all time

    No, not at all and it's one of the best programmes to come out of the Star Wars franchise. It was created by George Lucas and you know he's a great storyteller. You could start with the latest season and would be able to figure things out fairly quickly. But it's worth bingeing all the...
  8. Snarky-Guru

    Formula one

    My mum used to love watching Formula One and thinks Chase Carey and his ridiculous moustache is so handsome. I can't say that I ever became a fan, but I'd love to drive one of the cars. Sadly, I think all the races have been postponed.
  9. Snarky-Guru

    Any good news?

    Understandably, the world seems caught up in COVID-19 and all the gloom and doom that goes along with it. But surely there's some good going on too. Do you have any good news to share? Anything that's gone right for you? Or have you read any feel-good news stories lately? I'd love to hear...
  10. Snarky-Guru

    Working at home

    @Fletch That sounds dreadful. Have you decided whether to seek work elsewhere or to file? The remark about Tesco's was laughable considering the wage difference. I read that Gary Neville has pledged to ensure the staff at his hotels will receive full pay as usual. I hope he holds true to...
  11. Snarky-Guru

    Are Pixar film creators depressed?

    ^I would agree with that, except all their movies have been ridiculously sad recently. Monsters, Inc. wasn't depressing, was it? Not that I remember. Was that their last feel-good film?
  12. Snarky-Guru

    Summer Olympics

    I feel for the athletes who have trained so hard. I love watching the Olympics and was looking forward to it, but I don't believe they will carry on while the coronavirus is causing such havoc.
  13. Snarky-Guru

    Writing a novel or a story

    How far along are you, Lunatic? I'm more like Poppy, I'm no writer, but you have a fantastic goal and I hope you reach it.
  14. Snarky-Guru

    Surprised by celeb's Wikipedia entry?

    I read somewhere that Bruce Willis' entry used to say that Tokyo's National Public Safety Commission named him the honorary chief of the cyberterrorism task force (Maybe they thought Die Hard was a documentary). I never saw it though and I don't believe it's listed now.
  15. Snarky-Guru

    KAYfABE Kickstarter

    It looks like they are far from their goal. The rewards aren't that impressive until you get to the higher pledge amounts, but that's common. I bet most backers are doing it out of respect for the organizers and to participate in something unique. You'd have bragging rights if it actually...
  16. Snarky-Guru

    Best animation of all time

    I don't have a particular favourite, but I think old school animation when they used to draw each cel by hand, contains the most artistry and skill. Across the board though I love animation. I'm waiting for Disney+ to hit the UK so I can see the last season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
  17. Snarky-Guru

    Universal Distributing New Films Online

    Universal will start distributing some of their new films online starting March 20th. Amazon Prime will have them as 48-hour rentals for £15.99. That means signing up for Prime if you haven't already. Are they available elsewhere? It seems to be their move to retain some revenue since cinemas...
  18. Snarky-Guru

    Price gouging

    The prices on basics are astronomical and so many shops have already been cleared out. It feels like the government's and the public's responses to the virus will be more deadly than the virus itself. With nothing to buy and people out of work, how long will it be before rioting starts? And...
  19. Snarky-Guru

    The end of a decade

    It's hard to believe that we're nearing the end of another decade. How would you sum up the past 10 years? What would be the decade's tagline/motto? I'm going with, "The Great Divide," a no one sees eye-to-eye anymore.
  20. Snarky-Guru

    Overused phrases or sayings

    Wow, I've never heard either of those, but yeah, it would bug me too after a while. Is it a gamer thing? I game, but I rarely pay attention to what's said. Some guy can be very vulgar. I just ignore it.