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  1. Dust and Rust

    Superplastic Collectible Art Toys Kickstarter Campaign!

    OUCH is the story of my life. LOL I think they're cute. I don't know where in my house I'd put them if I bought them, but if I bought OUCH I'd find a place for him/me.
  2. Dust and Rust

    PS4 or Xbox One?

    If it comes down to loyalty, I'll go with Atari. :cool: I wanna play Pac Man the way I used to in the brick and mortar arcades. Did you know that Phoenix Az., Chicago and a few other cities, will be getting an Atari themed hotel in the very near future? The Gamers Paradise
  3. Dust and Rust

    The Burnt Orange Heresy

    I think I want to see this movie. Yes, Mick Jagger is a major reason why, but so is Donald Sutherland. That, and I like the premise as well as the acting I've seen so far. It seems like a solid movie.
  4. Dust and Rust

    Damn! Been three years since the last one.

    I see myself in your shoes 5 years down the road. I'll sit the site on a shelf, come back in a few years, dust off the old toy and play with it all over again. I don't see this place going anywhere anytime soon.
  5. Dust and Rust

    Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

    This is on my list. I have to see this movie. I saw a clip on the internet where the Brad Pitt character is driving a car, yet the speedometer stayed on 0 the entire time. I have to see that for myself.
  6. Dust and Rust

    Computer nerds - I'm building a new PC!

    LOL........That was harsh. You're right though. We tend to overthink these things. I guess if they're new only a NASA scientist could figure it out, right? When mainly new tech. is a variation of the previous generation of that same tech.
  7. Dust and Rust

    WWE Royal Rumble 2020 Discussion

    I actually enjoy watching the women more than the men. The men seem to try too hard. Gone are the days of the women being used as a side story or placard holders. They need more women matches.
  8. Dust and Rust

    Movie and TV disappointments

    The Twilight movies ended up being depressing. I liked the scenery of the pacific northwest, but the story-line and acting was SO much of a downer to me. I muddled through it all because my daughter liked them.
  9. Dust and Rust

    Kobe Bryant

    As I'm sure all of you have heard, Kobe was in a helicopter crash with his daughter, 6 others and the pilot. No one survived. Now I have never been a big fan of basketball. It was just never my thing. But he sounded like a good man, a good father and, obviously, one of the greatest B ball...
  10. Dust and Rust

    The end of a decade

    The last 10 years of my life have stood in direct contrast to what the country itself has gone through. The Decade Of Diversion though. The media seems to divert peoples' attention from what needs to be done to fix the country by giving us fluff pieces.
  11. Dust and Rust

    Porch Pirates

    The police have to walk a fine line there. People will scream invasion of privacy and sue. The best tracking device they have, and have almost always had, are the undercovers.
  12. Dust and Rust

    A TV series or movie you could rewatch

    Cheers, Frasier, The X Files, Black Mirror, The Blacklist, All In The Family, MASH..........And I'm still waiting for season 3 of Ozark. I love that show.
  13. Dust and Rust


    It's a good movie because it's representative of a segment of society that people don't like to talk about, face and fix. It makes some people uncomfortable and squirm in their seats. I LOVE movies like that and I love this movie.
  14. Dust and Rust

    Joining a book club

    I think it's a good thing to keep active because it has that old school quality about it. Sometimes, things are worth keeping around because they really are useful. Look at it like the original social media experience.
  15. Dust and Rust

    Parasite (dir. by Bong Joon-ho)

    Both. I think that might be the message the director was trying to get across. This is definitely a movie I'll take time out to see.
  16. Dust and Rust

    Super Bowl Predictions

    With the two games being played today determining who's going..........Let's predict. I think it's going to be Kansas City and Green Bay, with Kansas City winning the big one as the underdog. The last time they won the Super Bowl was Super Bowl 4. I love Green Bay, but it's the Chiefs' time.
  17. Dust and Rust

    The Elon Musk - Grimes Baby

    @Classified ........ You overthink things. Have some fun with it. I vote for "Space Oddity Grimes". Elon himself has this kind of "Out of this world" look about him.
  18. Dust and Rust

    Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder rematch

    I'm going to wait until most of the predictions are in and then go with the underdog at that point. Tyson will be the underdog before the fight. That's my prediction.
  19. Dust and Rust

    Who Should The Child Root For?

    That child should break all the rules and root for team Z whom he or she has no affiliations with whatsoever. LOL Upend the the apple cart. The child should always root for the hometeam. Hometown pride.
  20. Dust and Rust

    Your Online Security

    When I want to look into certain banking topics, I'll go to Tor. I'm not paranoid or anything, but when I'm researching financial topics for personal one needs to know that.