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  1. coleman

    Who stills celebrates birthdays?

    Should adults treat their birthdays like any other day? Should there be a big party or celebration? Most definitely, we are all free to do anything within the confines of the law. I prefer to have a nice dinner or an adventure out of town.
  2. coleman

    Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder rematch

    Tyson is always the underdog. I think we tend to judge boxers by their personalities outside of the ring. I am hoping that it doesn't end in a KO!
  3. coleman

    Joining a book club

    It took a lot of convincing for me to join one. I belong to one where discussions take place online. It is more tasking when it becomes mandatory to meet at a physical location.
  4. coleman

    A TV series or movie you could rewatch

    Fringe, Vikings and How To Get Away With Murder are absolute classics. I think we hardly rewatch films because there are so many of them now. Prison Break also had a rich plot and storyline.
  5. coleman

    Jumanji: The Next Level

    At times, we get discouraged by the reviews we come across, but we still challenge ourselves to watch a movie. Having watched it now, I would say that it is worth it. Kevin and Dwayne are a perfect combination!
  6. coleman

    Your Online Security

    I have had this discussion before, and the same point was highlighted. Why would a hacker target a home network if there was nothing to be gained from this?
  7. coleman

    Computer nerds - I'm building a new PC!

    I concur with you completely. The main idea is to perfect one thing before moving to the next one. On the surface, learning on your own can seem like an easy thing to do, but self-discipline and organization count to a great deal.
  8. coleman

    Computer nerds - I'm building a new PC!

    Self-taught, right? I wish I had the same energy and drive because stuff to do with computing entices me. The internet has made almost every resource available, including free tutorials and YouTube videos.
  9. coleman

    Your Online Security

    Online security is such a big issue that no one ought to treat lightly. I use anti-virus and the TOR browser, but I'm now interested in knowing how to stay away from hackers?
  10. coleman

    Best Movies of 2019

    My movie count for last year was less than 3 (excluding Joker), but based on the trailer, I believe that it ranks among the best. Is any of you a fan of animations?
  11. coleman

    Concerns about the future

    My main concern is whether we'll see more countries going the Brexit way and what the future holds, in terms of integration. Just like @Zack T, I am worried about more countries waging war against each other, as well as the nuclear threat.
  12. coleman

    Screen Time

    The headaches could result from the screen brightness, so you may want to adjust this slightly. Also, visit an optician so you can start using antiglare glasses, in the case of eye strain. I stay for long hours behind the screen, but rarely suffer headaches!
  13. coleman


    War is not the way to go guys. Killing the top general of a sovereign country, in a different jurisdiction's airspace, is provocative. Iran is promising to retaliate, and the US is warning against this, but as we all know, aggression never solves anything!
  14. coleman

    S.M.A.R.T. Goals

    In my view, resolutions are general statements that don't address the "how-to" aspect of whatever we want to achieve. From experience, goal and objective setting seem complicated, probably because of the methods used.
  15. coleman

    S.M.A.R.T. Goals

    Every time this is mentioned, I remember how setting goals and objectives can be difficult. How has this process been, and how long did it take you to put everything into perspective?
  16. coleman

    What are you putting off?

    It is never that serious for me around this time of the year, so I cannot think of anything I should be doing. Things are about to get into them, and we will all be back to our busy schedules that don't need procrastination!
  17. coleman

    Joining a book club

    You know we all thought that the reading culture was gone, but then young people are taking up the challenge and making a mark. I have set a yearly target of 50 books this year and do agree that a book club can be of great help.
  18. coleman

    The FA should reconsider the use of VAR

    It is easy to wish away claims of the VAR disrupting the flow of the game until it is the team you support on the receiving end. We all complained when referees made wrong calls, and now this piece of technology is not making things better. Hopefully, the FA can fix it in 2020!
  19. coleman

    Do You Bet?

    We also make odd bets that never involve money, and it gets complicated when money is involved. The think about gambling is that it soon becomes a cycle where you win now and lose the next minute. The psychological aspect can be draining!
  20. coleman

    Gift cards: Yea or nay?

    Ditto to this, but at times I find gift cards restrictive. Again, they are usually more popular among gift-givers that receivers. Apart from appearing impersonal, they can easily get lost.