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  1. Snarky-Guru

    The end of a decade

    It's hard to believe that we're nearing the end of another decade. How would you sum up the past 10 years? What would be the decade's tagline/motto? I'm going with, "The Great Divide," a no one sees eye-to-eye anymore.
  2. Snarky-Guru

    Any good franchise finales?

    Film franchises seem to take a life of their own and draw an intense fan base like a moth to a flame. It feels like there's so much riding on the big finale that it's almost impossible to wrap things up successfully. Have any of the big franchises managed it? The last installment in the Star...
  3. Snarky-Guru


    A bloke I'm dating asked to borrow my phone as he'd forgotten to charge his. I unlocked it and handed it over, went to do something else in the flat for a few minutes, and when I returned I caught him reading my text messages. Am I being unreasonable to say that's not on? I was actually quite...
  4. Snarky-Guru

    Downloading YouTube videos

    What do you ladies and gents use to download YouTube videos? From googling it looks like 4K Video Downloader is popular. Is that the best option?
  5. Snarky-Guru

    How long does it take

    you all to put the Christmas tree up and get it decorated? How long does it take you to decorate the rest of your home and outside your home if you add lights and stuff to your garden? I always help my mum and we're going on five hours on the tree alone. It usually takes two days to finish the...
  6. Snarky-Guru

    Marathon cheating

    You're probably baffled by the idea, but yeah, it's a thing apparently. I don't get it. Why cheat? There's a whole website dedicated to outing runners who use bib mules, runners who cut the course, and runners who forge bibs which is a little different since they're avoiding the entrance...
  7. Snarky-Guru

    Boomers' stuff vs. our stuff

    I've been helping some family members and neighbours sort their stuff. I've noticed that you could venture into any Boomer's home and you'll likely find at least one of these three things: 1. A display case filled with little knick-knacks. Some people even have more than one. 2. A set of...
  8. Snarky-Guru

    Actors/Actresses who have aged well

    Which actors and actresses make you do a double take when you learn how old they are? I recently saw Ad Astra and it's astonishing how fantastic Brad Pitt, Tommy Lee Jones, and Donald Sutherland still look. It's like they've barely aged. There's loads of celebrity women who still look so...
  9. Snarky-Guru

    Who should switch?

    Do you all ever check the articles on Cult of Whatever? There's one about who should switch from the WWE to the AEW. So, who do you think should make the switch? The article didn't cover who on the AEW team should switch to the WWE, but I could see MJF making that move in the future.
  10. Snarky-Guru

    Is pirating still a thing?

    It feels like ages since Napster, Limewire, Demonoid, and The Prate Bay were hot topics. Do people still pirate today, or has it fallen out of favour?
  11. Snarky-Guru

    Are grandparents less interested today?

    My mum and dad are excellent parents, but they show little interest in their grandchildren. I find that odd because my nan watched us kids all the time yet my parents refuse to do any childminding for their grandchildren. Several of my mates have mentioned this as well. Grandparents skipping...
  12. Snarky-Guru

    Gaming and breathing noise

    I always get stuffy this time of year and my wheezing comes through loud and clear while gaming. I hate being able to hear it myself, so I imagine it must annoy others as well. Is there anything I can do to limit my breathing noise? I've tried moving my mic around, but that hasn't made much...
  13. Snarky-Guru

    Anyone going to NXT UK TakeOver?

    Are any fans here going to see NXT UK TakeOver in Cardiff on the 31st? I have to work or I'd spring for tickets which are reasonable since it's NXT. Cesaro and Samoa Joe are going to be there and had I known, I would've gotten the day off. Of course, WWE likes to throw out surprises which I...
  14. Snarky-Guru

    Weird sports around the world

    I'm sure many of us in the UK are quite familiar with bog snorkelling even if it's not something we follow or care that much about. But that got me thinking about all the odd sports that are familiar only to our area. I've been to the Cooper's Hill Cheese Rolling Festival in Gloucestershire...
  15. Snarky-Guru

    It: Chapter Two Trailer

    I'm impatiently waiting for It: Chapter Two to hit cinemas in early September. It's close to three hours long which is a bit different for a horror flick. But I believe the director mentioned the film's length ages ago so it's hardly a shock. Are you planning to catch it?
  16. Snarky-Guru

    Makes everyone look good

    Not many wrestlers can make everyone look good. Whether they're in the ring, shooting a promo, or conducting an interview, which wrestlers do you think carry more than their own weight? There's been some discussion about botches and off-the-cuff wrestling in the RAW thread which got me...
  17. Snarky-Guru

    Wedding fundraiser - tacky or brill?

    I got an invitation through the post to attend a Stag and Doe wedding fundraiser for my mates. There's an $8 charge to get in and well, there seems to be a charge for everything at the event as the entertainment and food have separate fees for each thing. Want to play cards? There's a fee...
  18. Snarky-Guru

    Custom controllers

    Do you think it's worth it to buy custom controllers for your gaming platforms? I'm considering getting one for Xbox and another for Switch. Good idea or a waste of money?
  19. Snarky-Guru

    Baron Corbin Fans?

    I'm not trying to trash the bloke, I just don't see why he's always being pushed. Corbin just seems like a basic wrestler. He's not a great jobber, not a charismatic star, and not a phenom on the mic. So if you're a fan, please share why you like the bloke. I figure he isn't going away...
  20. Snarky-Guru

    What was the last film you saw?

    It doesn't matter if you saw at home or in the cinema. Did you enjoy it or was it a bit of a disaster? I recently saw Aladdin and it was better than I expected as the film trailer was dreadful in my opinion. The film wasn't a must-see, but it was rather decent. The next film I'm looking...