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  1. Matt Hanks

    Final pick change & legends

    With the final pick change upon us I was just wondering if the legends who have been announced for the #1 contender Battle Royal will be added to the game? I know it's unlikely any of them will win but there is a good chance of elimination points from them... Cheers for this season Kam, been my...
  2. Matt Hanks

    Pick change?

    @Kam Has the date of the 3rd draft changed as I can't seem to be able to make any changes to my team. Cheets
  3. Matt Hanks

    Mixed Match Challenge

    Will the MMC matches count towards this season?
  4. Matt Hanks

    New Day question - Smackdown spoiler

    I'm asking probably knowing the answer but thought I'd check... as the New Day are a 3 man team do all get championship winning bonus points? Or is it as I predict just the 2 who won the match?
  5. Matt Hanks

    My season over....

    Was relying on Miz, Nattie and Nak to resurrect my season tonight and got 0/3 Lol!! Looking forward to next season now lol That'll teach me for constantly over looking Braun all year. Guess who's the 1st name on next season's draft lol
  6. Matt Hanks

    Damn damn damn

    Damn my terrible judgement... I went with Bryan over Braun in the draft window... Then Braun wins and has like 13 eliminations... I also picked Almas over Drew... that's not looking great either lol
  7. Matt Hanks

    Cheers Ronda...

    Cheers Ronda for getting 2 of my team disqualified Altho I hope it leads to a Ronda - Mickie programme cos that should be good!!!
  8. Matt Hanks

    My 'original' team...

    When the draft brackets first came out I quickly put a team together thinking it would include last night's takeover... It would have done pretty well as it had: Adam Cole- title win and title retention Aleister Black- title win Shayna Bazsler- title win. Just got to hope my new crop of...
  9. Matt Hanks

    Season 42

    Is this season still happening... been excited since the draft brackets went up but since then nothing has happened and the 'your picks' section has since disappeared. I really hope it is Cheers
  10. Matt Hanks


    I picked AJ over Roman... and after one week Roman already has 120 points more!!! (And he would have been Capt. so 240 points) Damn you you big dog lol
  11. Matt Hanks

    Fao Kam

    Just checked my line up. It is showing thay Austin Aries is still in and Goldusy is out. However when I checked on "my picks" Goldusy is in and Aries is out (which is correct, as the other way takes me over my budget) not sure if this will effect my scoring or not. Cheers
  12. Matt Hanks

    Fao Kam

    Hey Iv had trouble logging in all day, and now that I finally can I'm too late to make my transfers. Is there any way I could swap Charlotte, Luke Harper and Goldberg for Randy Orton, Bray Wyatt and Austin Aries. If i can't then no worries, but thought its worth an ask Cheers Matt
  13. Matt Hanks

    La Luchadora / Alexa Bliss

    Not that it effects me but will Alexa get the match / loss points tonight as she lost as La Luchadora? Wondered the same thing a couple of weeks back when Becky won in the same fashion... Cheers
  14. Matt Hanks

    New season and Ellsworth...

    I'm really excited for the new season... already planning my line up!! Ellsworth could be a steal at 200k... What are people's op-chin-ion of James Ellsworth? Personally I'm happy for the bloke, but I feel he needs to step away from the 'main event' scene soon, because he's becoming a little...
  15. Matt Hanks

    The draft

    Everyone excited for the draft this week... I am. Hoping for some surprises to keep us on our toes and some decent nxt call ups!!
  16. Matt Hanks


    Hi. Will next weekends network broadcast houseshow be included in the game?
  17. Matt Hanks


    Hey!! In the fantasy wwe do u score points for nxt or just for main roster? Thanks