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  1. TynBox

    Want to hear some good news?

    A young woman who had to walk 7 miles to work, Denny's restaurant, and then the 7 miles back was given a vehicle by a couple who she served. Just on a whim. Just because they are nice. Good News What nice thing have you done lately for someone that was on a whim?
  2. TynBox

    Jobs you could never handle

    A person employed by Facebook to scan the site for offensive or illegal activity. Think of the stuff people post that we never see. I don't want to get paid for having to view things most others don't have the stomach for.
  3. TynBox

    Nothing Says Christmas Like..........Lobster?

    If you like seafood, why not? Put enough red, green, blue and silver colors on anything this time of year and it fits right in.
  4. TynBox

    The Peloton ad

    I wasn't bothered by it, I was just wondering why an in-shape woman needs one. She doesn't have a gym membership? If people have that kind of money to spend, more power to 'em.
  5. TynBox

    Bad Accidents

    What was the worst traffic accident you have been involved in? In the days following did you find yourself adjusting your driving habits? Or was it just "business as usual" for you.
  6. TynBox

    How is your health?

    it really is the most important thing we have, so, how you all doing? Me, I'm a little overweight and have started sit-ups and curling a bit just just get things a little tighter. Other than that, I'm pretty good. And..................GO
  7. TynBox

    Any basketball fans here?

    I watch the championships, but that's about it. Their season is just too long for me to follow. Up to 10 months? No thanks. Same with baseball. American football is perfect. 16 weeks is about as long as my attention span allows.
  8. TynBox

    For All The Stalkers And Hackers

    Whatever anyone does black hat style, they need to remember the price that may be on THEIR head someday. Actions have consequences whether you're online or not. White hat hacking I can get behind though.
  9. TynBox

    Journalism Degrees

    Good points Zack. I think it's going to be slowly phased out with traditional education on the college level because it's just too expensive considering the salary you would be making. Between what Zack and Classified mentioned, proof of how long you have been writing will show people why you...
  10. TynBox

    Are you into aromatherapy?

    From Wikipedia: "Aromatherapy is a pseudoscience based on the usage of aromatic materials, including essential oils, and other aroma compounds, with claims for improving psychological or physical well-being." So if you want to get technical, the smell of coffee in the morning is a form of...
  11. TynBox

    Marathon cheating

    Why cheat? Money. Prize monies can add up to over $800,000 total. And if you beat the world record you get an extra 50k over your first place winnings. It does sound rather silly though to be cheating in a foot race.
  12. TynBox

    End of the road for Unai Emery

    I would say it is. Long standing coaches typically retain good to great records. That's why they're long standing. After 5, 10 or however many years of that the bar is high for an incoming coach. There is a learning curve of course, and even the most die-hard fans know this, but it's still tough...
  13. TynBox

    Home Office Decor

    For those here who work at home, what does your home office look like? The new trend is to make it as "office" looking as possible. As in, more of a business theme than a personal theme that looks professional
  14. TynBox

    Survivor Series 2019

    That's the way it goes, isn't it? A drink tastes better when you haven't drank in a long time. But no, I'm not putting out money for this for awhile, if ever. They bill it as some sort of championship, but it really isn't.
  15. TynBox

    The local library

    Nothing can replace a physical book. I think there will always be a need for libraries and I do visit my local one about once a month just to keep the routine going.
  16. TynBox

    Global warming

    One person can only do so much. But if 1 billion people, individually, each do something then it's a collective. So if one billion people individually do something and then say "It's not enough", they are discounting all the others and what they do. I think we need to stop thinking that our...
  17. TynBox

    Remote Viewing

    I don't know if I would call that "psychic" or not. I always thought of that term in regards to a time-line. Like seeing into the past or future. "Remote viewing" infers locations.
  18. TynBox

    Queen Of The South

    . That's the attitude Salome. :) I like your confidence. I think it is a very entertaining show. Action, intrigue and they go into depth with the characters themselves. Good story lines and well made. I hope it lasts.
  19. TynBox

    Changing the Past

    Interesting. Remember that scene where that one girl is walking home from work with him, she turns around and asks him "If you cared for me so much, why did you leave me here to rot?" To me, that was a powerful scene, but it might have actually done better with Depp. He just has that "look", you...
  20. TynBox

    Remote Viewing

    It's just wishful thinking on the part of the government. They seem to waste so much time and money on things like this just to get an "edge" on an enemy.