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  1. didge

    Actors/Actresses who have aged well

    Oh yes @whaleshark, we can no longer rely on genes alone to age gracefully. A decent lifestyle also incorporates healthy eating and a good fitness regime. @coleman, I remember Antonio Banderas from the movies The Mask of Zorro and Puss in Boots. He was my favourite actor alongside Colin Farrell...
  2. didge

    All Blacks' 'lost glory'?

    This year's Rugby World Cup lived to its billing, but what shocked many people was New Zealand's exist at the semifinals stage. Eddie Jones' England played well and won deservedly, but lost to a resurgent Springboks in the final. All Blacks' hopes of three World Cups in a row were over, but do...
  3. didge


    I agree with you to some extent. We mostly work to pay the bills and get us going, but our personal lives should never take second priority. It is all about finding the right balance and pushing on, even when we do not feel like moving an inch.
  4. didge

    Worst fights in MMA history

    It is unbelievable that CM Punk suffered a terrible beat-down. I would have expected him to put up a fight. I just read that he could be making a return to WWE 'if the price is right.'
  5. didge

    The Ineos 1:59 challenge

    Yes, he did it, running an official time of 1:59:40. I haven't seen a man so determined and dedicated, but still humble. Now it seems probable that someone could soon run an official marathon under two hours.
  6. didge

    Your choice of films to watch

    I have watched Game of Thrones, Into the Badlands, Vikings, Queen of the South among other films with a medieval fantasy epic theme. Nonetheless, restricting oneself to a specific genre can be limiting. Has any of you watched a good comedy this year?
  7. didge

    Actors/Actresses who have aged well

    Jennifer Lopez is ageing well; you can hardly tell that she's 50. Jessica Lange, Eugene Levy and Christopher Plummer are also ageing gracefully. It could be a combination of genes, a healthy lifestyle and just choosing to be happy.
  8. didge

    Reasons for retiring

    Isn't the vice versa true considering that MMA and boxing are contact sports? Anyone has the right to retire at the time of their choice, but like you all say, at times they do it as a calculated move. It seems like everything involves money nowadays!
  9. didge

    Flight Shaming

    I agree with you. It is pointless to try and embarrass frequent flyers and expect them to stop flying to 'save' the planet. There needs to be a scientific interpretation as to whether or not such reductions in air travel are justifiable, in as far as environmental protection is concerned.
  10. didge

    Someone ran the marathon in under two hours!

    You probably have heard of Eliud Kipchoge, a Kenyan athlete who is the current marathon record holder. Yesterday, he raced in the INEOS 1:59 challenge, becoming the first man to ever run a marathon in under 2 hours. His message to the world is that 'No human is limited'.
  11. didge

    Musicians who tried to act and flopped

    Yes, Jennifer Hudson is one among the few musicians who've been able to become good actors and actresses as well. In my opinion, the notion that every other musician can succeed in Holywood is the wrong one.
  12. didge

    How do photographers make a living?

    Say, you see a good photograph on Instagram, download it, then save it on your PC. If you ever want to recreate this photo, the owner has to give consent. This means that you have to write an email and seek permission. Most professional photographers have their images protected by copyright.
  13. didge

    Musicians who tried to act and flopped

    I came across a trailer of Glitter, a movie that had Mariah Carey as the main actor. Musicians who aren't necessarily actors could potentially succeed in a supporting role. Are there more who followed this path and failed? Glitter Trailer
  14. didge

    Flight Shaming

    Yes, it never solves the problem, but maybe it helps to get the information out there. With increased awareness, there is likely to be an effort to reduce these emissions. There is no day all of us will ever stop flying anyway!
  15. didge

    How do photographers make a living?

    Photography is an art, and I feel like the photographers easily share their work because they love what they do. It is a crowded space now where you can get services for every genre and price range. The dedicated and creative photographer creates a portfolio which is then able to attract...
  16. didge

    Flight Shaming

    Before flight shaming took off, most of us had no idea that commercial flying contributes to environmental pollution through the emission of carbon. Perhaps people are beginning to become aware because like the article points out, one in five passengers is now flying less.
  17. didge

    Best TV shows of all time

    Do you (sometimes) get the feeling that we had more variety and creativity back in the day? Most TV series or movies almost follow a similar plot. Now that you've mentioned it, I also intend to watch The Wire someday. From the list, I'd choose Lost, Game Of Thrones and 24.
  18. didge

    A deviation from norm?

    @Zack T, what you say about how rap music has changed is true. It is hard to come across a track that sounds like the 80s or 90s hit. Is 'trap' music slowly take over that space? Time will tell! @ShadowEdge, I think more people watch videos as evidenced by the millions of views on YouTube...
  19. didge

    Are you an early bird?

    I am so poor at staying up late, yet I find that I have more energy and a clearer mind in the morning. Again, mornings allow me to the privacy to get personal things done, without much interference. Nothing is as disorienting as starting your day in a hurry.
  20. didge

    No Cormier, Jones rematch

    Yes @ShadowEdge, Miocic could be sidelined through the end of the year as a result of injuries suffered in his last fight with Cormier. It looks like Cormier is snubbing Jon Jones but only time will tell if he will rescind his decision to retire.