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  1. Rambler

    Your favorite sport

    Yes, they lost to Toronto! Injuries and little mistakes adding up made the Warriors’ chance of winning dwindle away. The Raptors did a fantastic job.
  2. Rambler

    Who haunted your childhood dreams?

    I used to freak out but keep reading eyewitness stories about Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and ghosts in general. Pictures were a huge plus!
  3. Rambler

    Flight Shaming

    Taking a long road trip soon. Not sure if all that driving will be much better than taking a short plane ride. Paying for hotels and food will contribute to other towns' economies, at least.
  4. Rambler

    Actors whose real-life problems . . .

    Same. I really liked Spacey in HOC and in Baby Driver. Another who makes me uncomfortable, though he mostly directs now, is Woody Allen. Gross.
  5. Rambler

    Sports and politics

    Crazy mess. Once Adam Silver said he backed Morey's right to express himself, he should have just had the crews over there pack up and leave ASAP. Would the NBA go broke because of this?
  6. Rambler

    Cats (movie)

    This is coming out in December. I must say, I laughed when I first saw this trailer. The CGI is interesting, to say the least!
  7. Rambler


    I get that ASMR "tingle" with certain gentle voices. Sometimes I get that feeling when hearing soft keyboard typing. Do certain sounds give you a chill, in a good way?
  8. Rambler

    An extra grand to spend

    My preference is spending it over a few weeks on nights out. There are some great but pricey restaurants (top-grade sushi, etc.) where I live, and I would love to try them out. Booze included.
  9. Rambler

    Are you into aromatherapy?

    It feels nice being around fresh coffee or cookies just out of the oven. Peeling oranges is pretty great, too. Not sure how I feel about those aromatherapy machines. Might just be bad timing, but the scents from the ones I walk by are overpowering.
  10. Rambler

    Current reality TV

    What is making her disappointed? I have found pretty much all of the contestants, in all the seasons, impressive. It takes a desire for precision to be a competent baker, a quality I sorely lack!
  11. Rambler

    Actors/Actresses who have aged well

    I could see today's actors trying advanced treatments and potions, whatever it takes, to stay marketable into middle age and older. Totally agree about J-Lo and Sandra Bullock! I would add Marisa Tomei as well.
  12. Rambler

    Sports and politics

    The Houston Rockets' manager, Daryl Morey, tweeted support for the Hong Kong protesters. This caused an uproar among basketball fans in China. Then came Morey's and the NBA's tweeted apologies — and Rocket James Harden's televised We're Sorry. I get that professional sports is a business, and...
  13. Rambler

    Musicians who tried to act and flopped

    I saw the Spice Girls in Spice World, and they were all bad. Beyonce was so-so in Dreamgirls, but the rest of the cast was good to great (Eddie Murphy).
  14. Rambler

    Channels from other countries

    Once in a while, I clicked onto France 24 or DW. I like listening to the French or German and seeing how much I can understand without looking at subtitles.
  15. Rambler

    Flight Shaming

    What are your thoughts on flight shaming? This is a movement to encourage people to fly less often — or give up flying completely. Rail travel is encouraged instead. Not sure if I want to give up planes quite yet.
  16. Rambler

    Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)

    Nothing shocking, but you do get her mom's perspective. She was a piece of work, really pushy and harsh with everyone including her daughter. You also get reminded that ice skating is a sport for the rich, so Tonya had so much stacked against her.
  17. Rambler

    Slow Metabolism

    I know that there are naysayers about this, but eat lighter at night. Make peace with being mostly full at dinner, not bursting (still my struggle). Up your water intake starting later in the afternoon.
  18. Rambler

    Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)

    Margot Robbie is such a good actress. I was impressed with her in I, Tonya and even with her small role in the latest Tarantino.
  19. Rambler

    Your favorite sport

    Basketball is my favorite. We have a good team here, the Golden State Warriors, and a great point guard, Steph Curry. I like snowboarding, too.
  20. Rambler

    Magazines (paper ones)

    My dad had a National Geographic subscription for decades. They would stack up in the living room and then go into the basement. The photos and fold-out maps were the best. Now, the only magazines that show up in my mailbox are occasional university alumni ones. I love the convenience of...