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  1. Rambler

    Cats (movie)

    This is coming out in December. I must say, I laughed when I first saw this trailer. The CGI is interesting, to say the least!
  2. Rambler


    I get that ASMR "tingle" with certain gentle voices. Sometimes I get that feeling when hearing soft keyboard typing. Do certain sounds give you a chill, in a good way?
  3. Rambler

    Sports and politics

    The Houston Rockets' manager, Daryl Morey, tweeted support for the Hong Kong protesters. This caused an uproar among basketball fans in China. Then came Morey's and the NBA's tweeted apologies — and Rocket James Harden's televised We're Sorry. I get that professional sports is a business, and...
  4. Rambler

    Flight Shaming

    What are your thoughts on flight shaming? This is a movement to encourage people to fly less often — or give up flying completely. Rail travel is encouraged instead. Not sure if I want to give up planes quite yet.
  5. Rambler

    Magazines (paper ones)

    My dad had a National Geographic subscription for decades. They would stack up in the living room and then go into the basement. The photos and fold-out maps were the best. Now, the only magazines that show up in my mailbox are occasional university alumni ones. I love the convenience of...
  6. Rambler

    What makes a good YouTuber?

    I fall into the YouTube black hole a few times a week. The topic can be something I have no plans on trying myself, like major bike repairs or flying on planes with private suites. I will keep watching if the vlogger seems to have genuine passion without seeming like a nut job. It also helps if...
  7. Rambler

    Abbey Road LP

    The album is now 50. Do you have a favorite track? I love "Golden Slumbers" and strongly prefer the B side. Not a huge fan of "Oh! Darling" compared to when I first heard it.
  8. Rambler

    Coffee and espresso

    How do you like yours? I drink iced coffee or cold brew for much of the year and depending on my mood, I like black coffee or a nondairy latte.
  9. Rambler

    Lesser known museums

    The last time I was in San Francisco, I visited the Cartoon Art Museum. Tiny place — I was in and out in well under an hour. But it was fun seeing how animation developed over time. Are you near a gallery that gets little attention compared to its neighbors?
  10. Rambler

    Fighting climate change

    What are you doing to help the planet? I try to minimize waste and use my car less, and I wrote to my state representatives about the local water supply.
  11. Rambler

    Boy George biopic

    The Boy George movie is in development. He says that Sophie Turner should play him. She's up for it. Her husband should play the drummer!
  12. Rambler


    Hi there, Looking forward to being part of this forum. Good to have somewhere to share quick pop culture thoughts. I'm not verbal enough to keep up a full blog :)