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  1. Zack T

    The evils of soda

    Nope. I've been drinking soda in large quantities since late teens (and sporadically as allowed before then). Normal weekday consumption for me: 32 ounce soda from gas station on my way to work 1 12 oz can at lunch time Go home and have generally 2 or 3 cans in the evening. Weekend...
  2. Zack T

    Is pirating still a thing?

    Yea that's basically how it works. When you download something like a movie through a torrent, you're not downloading it from 1 location, you're actually downloading tons of little pieces of it from all the different people sharing that movie, and then uTorrent puts it all back together in the...
  3. Zack T

    Will Netflix lower prices?

    Maybe. But I think they might be more likely to try to add bundles or simply add more content to compete. Netflix has the largest streaming library service (I believe) as well as being the most established one, so they may feel less pressure to compete as directly by lowering prices. But if they...
  4. Zack T

    Is pirating still a thing?

    Yes it's still huge. YouTube does have a lot of stuff, but you try uploading anything copyrighted and you may find your video removed due to copyright issues. Sometimes people get lucky for awhile, but it just depends on how aggressive the IP holders are. WWE, certain music labels, certain...
  5. Zack T

    Your SO wrestling fan too?

    My ex wife wasn't a wrestling fan when we met, but she didn't hate it either. She was neutral about it. She watched it with me and eventually became a reasonable fan in her own right, although she doesn't keep up with it on her own since we've been separated. But she still enjoys watching it on...
  6. Zack T

    What would you choose over the other?

    Mostly playing games at home.
  7. Zack T

    Feeling close to others

    I think it depends on the nature of the relationship at the start. I've grown to the point where I will give someone details if they implicitly ask, but otherwise I'll often keep a lot of things to myself. I've been at my current job for a little over a year now, in an office where I'm in...
  8. Zack T

    Country Music

    No. Mostly I just don't care for country music. It's not awful in itself, but I just don't care for it (Also don't care for Reggae for example). Also most country songs these days that I do stumble on seem to be more banter to play into conservative America and that ain't my ideology.
  9. Zack T

    WWE SmackDown LIVE 2019 Discussion

    Hard to say what's gonna happen with Bryan/Roman. This whole angle has been messed up and off the rails. Brock Lesnar seems like a sure bet to win the WWE title. Kofi's had a respectable WWE Title run, I'm not really upset by it. I just hope they have Brock appear more often than once every 3...
  10. Zack T

    NXT 2019 Discussion

    First ever live episodes of NXT weekly TV are done, and here's what I thought of them. We started off on the USA Network for hour 1 which included a women's #1 contendership match and a North American Championship match, while hour 2 would feature a street fight main event on the WWE Network...
  11. Zack T

    What would you choose over the other?

    Most movies that come out mean absolutely nothing to me. There's some that intrigue me, but I rarely end up seeing them. I'm lazy :(
  12. Zack T

    WWE RAW Discussion Thread 2019

    The back and forth of Glenn Jacobs and Kane was silly. I did appreciate having him come out as Kane only to be taken down by Bray Wyatt. At first, I forgot Bray was probably gonna show up and I just was like "I mean I like Kane but what's the point of having him come out here and stop the OC if...
  13. Zack T

    Fear of (big) bugs

    Well, don't look at it as "needing to grow up". Fears aren't about your age or maturity. We all have things we're afraid of, and you're certainly not alone in this one. I'm personally more annoyed by bugs getting inside my house than anything else, especially the big ones. Stupid june bugs for...
  14. Zack T


    The negative comments on how harsh it is make me want to see it more, honestly. I LOVE dark and gritty, and everything about this seems like it'll be for me. I absolutely love good villains and seeing descents into madness, that's why I loved Breaking Bad so much, or the Following, or why Star...
  15. Zack T

    WWE Clash of Champions 2019 Discussion

    I didn't watch Clash, but I imagine the crowd just didn't care about Orton/Kofi to begin with. It's been an ok program but honestly, Kofi's title reign has basically been this: They push him as the underdog finally getting his moment in the sun, and then virtually every time he talks or New Day...
  16. Zack T

    Is Your Town Growing?

    I live in Tulsa, OK and yea, we're growing. We're a reasonably big city anyway, at over 100,000 citizens plus we have 5 or 6 suburb cities immediately surrounding us, each of them are 30K or more people as well. So there's a lot of people in the area, but it doesn't feel like it's that big...
  17. Zack T

    Even at $5 Apple Arcade seems lame

    I've heard about it, but I don't have any plan to subscribe. I just don't care. But if that's all they're offering, they better step it up because that won't be enough to entice a lot of people. It might get Sonic fans, or casual gaming people who like to play games for short bursts while...
  18. Zack T

    WWE RAW Discussion Thread 2019

    They WERE heels, loosely. At least they were on Raw. In NXT, they were Face. On Raw, they weren't really heels because of cheating or dirty tactics, it was just because they booked them against faces or to team with heels in multi-man matches for some reason. But they never really did anything...
  19. Zack T

    WWE SmackDown LIVE 2019 Discussion

    Gable only got as far as he did because allegedly, Vince decided to advance him as he felt people were expecting Ali/Andrade to be the semifinal. Yay for meaningless swerve booking. I wouldn't expect Gable to win the tournament but even if he does, what's he get from it? Practically nothing...
  20. Zack T

    Are grandparents less interested today?

    I've seen the opposite of this in my life. I think it depends on your culture, a little bit. But more than anything, I think it's personal choice.