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  1. North

    Time for some updates!

    Hi! I'm sorry for my late reply thanks to, you know, the usual drill: real work, other commitments, other hobbies, and so on. It's both good and bad that I didn't miss much; I guess the silver screen hasn't been very enticing lately. What keeps you entertained so far then? Are you playing some...
  2. North

    Are you looking forward to any show this fall?

    I just finished reading Polygon's list of upcoming shows about comic book superheroes, and it didn't look bad. We have many sequels, and given that I'm quite tired of them (looking at you, The Walking Dead), I'll try to stick with the new ones like Joker and Crisis on Infinite Earths. What new...
  3. North

    Disney vs Sony on Spider-Man

    I didn't follow Into The Spider-Verse, but I had heard of positive comments about it. As a viewer, it's great to see two big names working on a franchise as old and important like Spider-Man. I thought about the promising longevity of the series if they keep up this style. Wouldn't it benefit...
  4. North

    It: Chapter Two Trailer

    I used to complain about how movies should add more minutes if they needed it to build the characters, plot, or world stronger. A few movies later, I realized that longer airtime doesn't necessarily translate into a more comprehensive story. I guess that's what this movie tells me as well. I...
  5. North

    Time for some updates!

    How's life, everyone? It's been a while. I'm all caught up with life at the moment, so I thought about picking up some series and talk to you all here again. I only managed to watch some big titles on the theater. I must have missed a lot, right? This place looks slightly different from before...
  6. North

    Who's Buying the Switch Lite?

    I prefer that simple function. If that means I'm getting a stronger battery power on the road, then yes, I don't need my portable platform to be way overcomplicated. I'd love to get one, but I can't find titles interesting enough to play. Suggestions, please!
  7. North

    Disney vs Sony on Spider-Man

    I don't want to see Spider-Man die because of this fight. I like the way Spider-Man is being handled so far, whether as a part of MCU or not. Far From Home was fun, and it has so many promises in the future. But now there's a probability that we won't get any of it after being teased this far...
  8. North

    Playing Augmented Reality Games

    I haven't tried any AR games. The negative experiences shared around because of Pokemon made me lose my interest. I know it's unfair to stereotype, but this is an issue with the space of AR games that I wasn't aware of before.
  9. North

    Mobile gacha games

    It isn't necessary. In general, characters with higher starting rank are usually stronger and will help you get through the game easily, but low-rank characters can do it just the same when developed properly. Those who like to challenge themselves with more strategical thinking may prefer the...
  10. North

    Project Blue Book

    I'm generally skeptical of the claims made by some cult believers. The real-life story on which the series is based provides an interesting background, but I guess that's why we need to be even more careful because we have no idea which parts are purely made up. I'll check the first few episodes...
  11. North

    If you could travel anywhere?

    Well, sometimes it's the necessary evil for the mandatory experiences! Many European cities are on my list (one can never have enough of London), but I also want to check cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi if I have the chance. I guess I'll never have enough savings for these trips!
  12. North

    Who enjoys climbing?

    I used to think that we always have to pay and go in groups whenever we want to use any official public spots like that. I didn't know there is a thing such as free climbing. It's probably better to climb under supervision in case of emergency situations.
  13. North

    Killing Eve Season 2 Teasers

    I haven't found any specific date either. I wonder if we'll get it in the first half of this year. Well, at some point, we have to fulfill the promise of the title. At least Villanelle has made the first attempt. I'd love to see the two girls working together for a while before going back to...
  14. North

    Spider-Man: Far From Home

    I was also thinking about Sandman when I saw the trailer. The new ally was the most interesting point, though. Is he a new member of the MCU? His power reminds me of Doctor Strange. We have Peter Parker and the power of technology, so I certainly don't mind some magical touch to balance the game!
  15. North

    Do you miss the Tycoon games?

    I think those are developed by different groups, but I've never really paid attention to those details. The game is all that matters. I didn't know that Zoo Tycoon is on Steam, so thanks for the info! Thank you @Evelyn as well. I'm just in a nostalgic mood, but I'll remember the links if I want...
  16. North

    Mobile gacha games

    I realized there is a mistake in the title, so I corrected it. I'm sorry for the confusion. @Luna There is definitely a frustrating aspect to these games. I understand that it's worse for those who have paid for the game but still don't get the things they want. I think it's better to expect...
  17. North

    Spider-Man: Far From Home

    Tom Holland is back! The trailer seems to promise lots of fun which isn't a thing for me to complain about. The only strange part is that the film is scheduled after Avengers: Endgame. I suppose we all know that our heroes won't be dead forever, but I guess this trailer pretty much confirms it.
  18. North

    "This is so bad that it's good!"

    The first answer that pops up in my head is You from the recent TV series. I won't forget that kind of madness for a while because sometimes chaos just feels great. I hope the next season will be even more ridiculous!
  19. North

    Killing Eve Season 2 Teasers

    That's an interesting spoiler. I'd like to see how that plays with Villanelle's other schedules, such as teasing Eve or killing her for sure this time. I don't feel like she has enough reasons to kill Eve at this point, though. Stabbing hurts for sure, but I feel like her curiosity is much...
  20. North

    The value of traditions

    That's the ideal answer. Most of the times they know a few things are off, but it isn't exactly easy to just change it or stop doing the tradition because of the legacy. "I know, but just deal with it," is the answer I hear a lot.