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  1. Incredible Iron

    Future of Avengers

    I can say that I'm an Avenger fan. What do you think about the future of this big movie franchise? Will there be new Avenger superheroes in the future, or will there be a new group of superheroes? I hope the Avenger story will continue with the daughter of Iron Man taking up the responsibility...
  2. Incredible Iron

    Disney vs Sony on Spider-Man

    Time will tell whether Spider-Man will remain a thing in the theaters. In my opinion, Sony will eventually sell the rights to Disney once the executives find it hard to maintain this character in the movies. If Sony is after the money, then Disney should just offer a good amount of money for...
  3. Incredible Iron

    Restaurant Trends

    I think these two things are becoming more popular because people wanted to become healthier. There are many people who have become vegans or vegetarians. The tea is somewhat like a lesser evil to soda, but I think it still contains caffeine.
  4. Incredible Iron

    Ridiculous E-Sport Cash Prizes

    That makes two of us. I can still recall the old bulky CRT monitor. I was very happy when my father bought our first PC, but I was forbidden to play with it because it was for his work. I wish I was also younger because the PC setup these days are far better 20 years ago, but not that expensive.
  5. Incredible Iron

    Worst Sequels

    In my own opinion, the Predator sequels were made to milk the cow more because of the success of the first movie. Some movies don't need sequels in order to make the movie better.
  6. Incredible Iron

    Board Games

    My wife bought the Upwords, you can check the internet for this kind of game. It is a variation of scrabble. Our 7-year old boy loves this game so much that he is the one telling me to play it with him.
  7. Incredible Iron

    Hobbs And Shaw Deserves A Sequel

    I think the Fast and Furious franchise has exhausted its storyline. It is a fresh start with Hobbs and Shaw. They can even import previous characters from the Fast and Furious movies for a better storytelling.
  8. Incredible Iron

    Ridiculous E-Sport Cash Prizes

    My brother was watching a video about the Starcraft 1 tournament. He told me that the 1st prize winner got about $75,000. I was awestruck when he told me that. I played that game when I was younger and how I wish I mastered that game.
  9. Incredible Iron

    Shaft, The Sequel

    I've watched this sequel without knowing about the first movie. I was hooked that I had to buy the original movie because the sequel was entertaining for me. I recommend this movie for all who like action movies.
  10. Incredible Iron

    Will Quentin Tarantino retire?

    I would say that it is good for him. I have high respect for people who are contented with their achievements and not to prove anything more than what they have done. He made his movies like art that we can view them over and over again.
  11. Incredible Iron

    What is the best 90s video game ?

    While I was reviewing this post, I was surprised that nobody mentioned the Gameboy. Zelda and Dr. Mario were my favorite games on the Gameboy platform.
  12. Incredible Iron

    Remote Viewing

    There are so many things we don't know yet. Movies portray aliens talking to each other with their minds. Those things may only be imaginations by the writers, but who knows about these mysteries. Remote viewing may be one of those abilities that aliens shared with a few chosen humans.
  13. Incredible Iron

    What is the best 90s video game ?

    It depends on what game genre you like to play. My favorite arcade game was Mortal Kombat. When Command and Conquer appeared on the personal computer, then I spent most of my game time with that game.
  14. Incredible Iron

    With or Without Subtitles?

    There are times when I like to watch a film with subtitles, especially when there are scenes that characters speak a different language. I still prefer watching a film or a documentary that doesn't have a subtitle, so I can focus on what's happening instead of reading the subtitle.
  15. Incredible Iron

    Changing the Past

    I agree that changing something in the past will trigger the butterfly effect. How I wish I can do reset in the past and see different outcomes each decision, as Dr. Strange does. Sadly, we only got one timeline.
  16. Incredible Iron

    Snooping on other people's phones

    I think the proposition that "most of us" will do it has been disproved with the answers given. The sound notification may get our attention, but that doesn't mean that we were snooping already.
  17. Incredible Iron

    Changing the Past

    If you can change one thing in the past, what would that be? It made me think about this after watching the Black Mirror movie. I may have to change the degree that I took up in college if I can reset the past.
  18. Incredible Iron

    Snooping on other people's phones

    I wouldn't dare to do because I wouldn't want that to happen to me as well. I believe in karma, and that deters me from snooping to other people's phones.
  19. Incredible Iron

    Dark Phoenix

    I may have focused on the Wolverine story that I failed to understand the other narratives in the X-Men story. I still wished that they made a story about Cyclops or even Storm instead of making them as sidekicks for Professor X.
  20. Incredible Iron

    Dark Phoenix

    I have a mixed feeling about this movie even though I haven't watched it yet. I liked the first set of X-Men movies, but the following films did not stay up to my expectations. I was disappointed with the ending of the Wolverine, and that made me feel this way with this latest X-Men installment.