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  1. Revenger

    Fading 3D Movies

    There are still several movies being created that have the 3D option. However, I think this type of movie entertainment is fading fast. I prefer watching a film in HD as there is no hassle of wearing 3D glasses.
  2. Revenger

    Conclusion of the Jedi Story

    Star Wars could be the longest movie series of all time. I recently saw the trailer of "The Rise of the Skywalker". It took 43 years and 9 movies to finish this story about the Jedis.
  3. Revenger

    Do We Still Need To Buy Games?

    Do we really need to buy games nowadays wherein there are a lot of free games that can be played through mobile and browser games? I'm scanning my phone with so many free games, and more free games are being developed that I can't play all of them.
  4. Revenger

    Determining The Value Of Painting

    Many paintings become very valuable after the painter has died. I pity the painters because some of them were poor while they were alive because their paintings were not seen as valuable. So how do we determine the value of a painting?
  5. Revenger

    No Animals Were Harmed In This Film

    How do filmmakers show animals being hurt in the movie, but not actually hurting them during the process? I've seen many war films where they used horses to fight battles. The scene where the horses were stabbed and killed looked so real.
  6. Revenger

    Career In Music, Is It Still Profitable?

    There are many good musicians in YouTube and other social media networks. I wonder if it is still profitable to go into the music industry. If it is, then what genre is still profitable? Nowadays, we only buy a specific song that we like and not the album.
  7. Revenger

    Drinking Water After Waking Up

    There's Japanese research that's been popping up in the social media about drinking water after waking up. Has anyone tried doing this and see a positive result? I'm going to try it for a month and see how it works out for me.
  8. Revenger

    Criminal Minds

    Any other fans of this show? I miss Morgan and Hotch because of their distinctive personalities. I don't miss Jason so much because Rossi has a similar demeanor as Jason.
  9. Revenger

    Snoring Problem

    There are many solutions given on the internet to resolve the snoring problem, but most of them are only treating the symptom and not the cause of the problem. Do you have a way to treat this problem as my partner keeps me awake at night due to her loud snore?
  10. Revenger

    Who Will The Avengers Fight Next?

    We haven't seen the Endgame yet, but is this really the end of the Avengers? If they defeat Thanos, which no doubt they will, then which villain will they fight next?
  11. Revenger

    Playing Augmented Reality Games

    Smartphones and gaming devices are becoming more and more technologically advanced. This advancement is paving the way for games to be more realistic or lifelike. Game makers even combine reality with fantasy through augmented reality. Besides Pokemon, what other augmented reality games would...
  12. Revenger

    I'm Done With Who's Right Or Wrong

    Our society is always fighting itself. We are segregated by race, age, financial status, educational degree, the color of the skin, height, political leaning, religion, and more. Our governments say that they are doing their best to help everyone, but in reality, we are not helping each other...
  13. Revenger

    Alternative for Game of Thrones

    As the Game of Thrones is nearing its conclusion, I will be looking for another TV show that has a similar quality of storytelling on a fantasy-setting plot. Any recommendations would be highly appreciated.
  14. Revenger

    Starting Level

    How do you set the difficulty level of the game when playing a video game that is not played online? I like to start at the average or middle level of games because starting it at an easy level takes out the fun of it. Putting it on the hardest level will just make me annoyed with the game.
  15. Revenger

    It Was Just A Dream

    Have you experienced dreaming of having lots of money or picking up lots of coins on the ground? I had this dream last night and I tried looking for the money in my pocket. I know it was only a dream, but it felt like it was real.
  16. Revenger

    Real Fight or Exhibition Only The bottom part of the article stated that it is just an exhibition. I hope that it will be an all-out fight even though it is a...
  17. Revenger

    New Amsterdam

    Anyone here who would like to watch hospital-related shows, then I'm sure you will enjoy watching New Amsterdam. The season is over and I'm hoping that it will be renewed, although the ending of season one is a pretty good conclusion.
  18. Revenger

    Playing Video Games In Your Dream

    I've experienced this many times, especially when I go to sleep around 2 or 3 AM after playing a video game. My mind is still playing even when I'm already sleeping. Sadly, I feel tired after waking up in the morning.
  19. Revenger

    When Both Fighters Have Prayed...

    If you were given the opportunity to be a god and both players prayed to you, then who or how will you answer? I wondered this thing when both players have made a sign of the cross or have knelt in the corner.
  20. Revenger

    Real Injury From Scripted Injury

    Is it so hard to distinguish the real injury from the scripted injury in WWE, that's just for me though. Sometimes the plaster casts were used as props for their drama. There were also moments when a wrestler will be seriously injured and the opponent will continue with the show even though the...