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  1. TynBox

    Remote Viewing

    I don't know if I would call that "psychic" or not. I always thought of that term in regards to a time-line. Like seeing into the past or future. "Remote viewing" infers locations.
  2. TynBox

    Queen Of The South

    . That's the attitude Salome. :) I like your confidence. I think it is a very entertaining show. Action, intrigue and they go into depth with the characters themselves. Good story lines and well made. I hope it lasts.
  3. TynBox

    Changing the Past

    Interesting. Remember that scene where that one girl is walking home from work with him, she turns around and asks him "If you cared for me so much, why did you leave me here to rot?" To me, that was a powerful scene, but it might have actually done better with Depp. He just has that "look", you...
  4. TynBox

    Remote Viewing

    It's just wishful thinking on the part of the government. They seem to waste so much time and money on things like this just to get an "edge" on an enemy.
  5. TynBox

    The Worst Fighter Of All Time?

    They say those 3 wins were as an amateur. That would help explain no footage to be found. Lucky for the losers I guess. But yeah.....he wasn't throwing punches as much as he was just flailing his arms. That's what it looked like to me.
  6. TynBox

    Makes everyone look good

    It takes a special talent to make an opponent look good while beating them. It's like doing two jobs at once. Asuka is the best at that in my opinion. Or it could be that I just like watching her. :lovesign:
  7. TynBox

    Do We Still Need To Buy Games?

    The music industry all over again. Who needs to pay for CD's when you can free-stream? It's the same thing really and there will be a market for both types of gamers, I'm sure.
  8. TynBox

    The Worst Fighter Of All Time?

    We'll let you decide: Some of the comments are just plain brutal. But have any of you heard of Jimmy Smith before? I don't know how old that clip is, but it has to be at least 30 years old.
  9. TynBox

    Ill-suited fictional couples

    Monica and Chandler from Friends. That looked and felt as awkward as awkward can be. Joey and Phoebe would have been perfect though. Their personalities were so much alike in my opinion. They got Ross and Rachael right though. That pairing reminded me so much of Sam and Diane from Cheers. Classic.
  10. TynBox

    Who's in your inner circle?

    I agree. "Loose" friends, those you recently hit it off with and will probably be gone in a few years, are not nearly as important as good, solid business associates and contacts. Family is a given, I think. You have to hold on to them.
  11. TynBox

    What We Don't Know

    We are all smart in our own way, that's a given. But there is at least one thing we know about yet cannot understand it at all. What is something you just cannot understand? With me, it's selective memory. Like, how can I remember some random act I did from 20 years ago yet not remember where...
  12. TynBox

    Board Games

    In this highly electronic day and age, who plays good, old-fashioned board games? Monopoly, Risk, Twixt........these were some of the ones I grew up playing. Do you play?
  13. TynBox

    The Huawei Phones

    News is coming out that the U.S. Government is forcing Google to stop providing their service to that phone brand because they, Huawei violated U.S. led Iranian sanctions. Among other national security reasons. So if you use this brand of phone and notice that Google doesn't exist on it...
  14. TynBox

    Autoplay videos

    Never say never. Maybe put your IP address on a "No Call List" the way we do with our phone numbers. Bring the old solutions like that into modern technology?
  15. TynBox

    Apple Vs. Android

    Brutal. Just.........Brutal. I actually have never owned an I-phone, so I can't comment on the comparisons because I don't know what they are. I'm just used to Androids.
  16. TynBox

    AFK Arena

    Is there still a problem with the downtimes? That you know of? It is a cool little game, but the downtime reports leave me gun-shy.
  17. TynBox

    High Insurance Rates

    If we cannot make something illegal that we feel is detrimental to our society, should insurance companies make the rates so high that most people cannot afford the purchase of that item? People have made that argument for guns in the past.
  18. TynBox

    Changing Climate

    That's not a bad idea at all. Apply that to anything else that hurts the environment and the market will eventually decide the fate of those materials.
  19. TynBox

    Apple Vs. Android

    Which begs the question......what is the upgrade aside from a higher number? I personally don't trust the facial recognition tech. yet because it's still so new so that upgrade isn't appealing to me. Good thing I'm an Android kind of guy.
  20. TynBox

    Odd allergies

    I'm allergic to vain people who have no personal attributes to back up that vanity. Whenever I'm around one, my left eye twitches. LOL Other than that, I can't think of anything I'm allergic to.