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  1. Gareth The Great

    Were the fans duped?

    I don't understand why the contract wasn't fulfilled. Does anyone know about that? I thought he signed to play for at least 45 minutes. Was the reason ever given for why Ronaldo noped out?
  2. Gareth The Great

    Rambo: Last Blood

    You're missing out! Well, you were missing out is probably more representative of the situation. I loved both Rocky (and Mr. T.) and Rambo as a kid. I don't believe those films have aged well and I don't think the latest flick will have much of a draw.
  3. Gareth The Great

    Future stars?

    I need a new upcoming contender hero to watch, so thanks for the recs. I'll check them out. I used to think Alex Saucedo had lasting potential, but that loss against Mau rice Hooker about a year ago changed my mind.
  4. Gareth The Great

    Bizarre sex scenes in film

    The entirety of Eyes Wide Shut fits the bill. It was basically several scenes of people going at it rather awkwardly. I'm sure many moviegoers thought it was a hot erotic thriller, but to me, Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise seemed uncomfortable with each other which was weird especially since...
  5. Gareth The Great

    Is Tom Holland the best Spider-Man?

    I've been binge-watching Spider-Man films and after giving it some thought, I think Tom Holland has usurped Tobey Maguire as the best Spider-Man actor, at least when it comes to the hero. Maguire might have a slight lead as the best at playing Peter Parker though. Who do you think portrayed...
  6. Gareth The Great

    Hobbs And Shaw Deserves A Sequel

    I bet there will be a sequel. The film was successful and once a studio has figured out a formula for making money, they tend to stick with it, hence the enduring Fast and Furious franchise. I liked the film and I'm surprised that Tyrese Gibson is slamming it like he is. It just makes him...
  7. Gareth The Great

    Watch AEW in UK?

    I have BT Sport for the UFC matches, is that where the WWE is heading then? I'm surprised by that move considering that BT is more spendy. They are bound to lose some UK fans that way. If UFC ever moves to Eleven or elsewhere, I'd probably drop BT too instead of sticking around for WWE...
  8. Gareth The Great

    How brand loyal are you?

    Oh, burn! You're one of several TWO fans who checks in every now and then. It's a pity you blokes can't coordinate your schedules because Fletch pops round as does WAYNE sometimes. The forum had to be spectacular at one point or old members wouldn't bother checking it out. So, why not start...
  9. Gareth The Great

    The face of AEW?

    In a few years time I think MJF will slide right into that top spot as the face of AEW. He's talented and comfortable with fans. He just needs some more experience.
  10. Gareth The Great

    New 'Lion King' Remake

    It's almost identical to the original except with lifelike animals. It's amazing what a computer can do with that because everything looked real. The music was okay, but not phenomenal like I expected.
  11. Gareth The Great

    What is the best 90s video game ?

    That's such a charitable way to look at it and I'm glad you shared this viewpoint. It makes sense really. I always assumed the games hadn't been thoroughly tested or that the developers knew there would be issues, but were rushed to meet a deadline, wanted to hurry up and make money, or just...
  12. Gareth The Great

    How brand loyal are you?

    I just sat through a presentation about brand loyalty and how it's set for you as a child. I never really thought about it before, but I suppose I do use many of the same things that mum and dad provided for me as a kid. What about you? Are you still using the same toothpaste, shampoo...
  13. Gareth The Great

    Are you a procrastinator?

    I'm a huge procrastinator. I mean to be productive, but I'm easily distracted by things like the telly. I only turn it on for background noise, but the next thing I know I'm five episodes in. I could never work from home. In my opinion, you're alright lymmo since you're meeting the deadlines.
  14. Gareth The Great

    What is the best 90s video game ?

    My favourites were Donkey Kong Kountry, Mortal Combat, and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (Many lasses were into skaters at that time, so I became a skater for a couple of years.) What about you @Ravishing Empire? Wrestling games were much more playable in the 90s! I don't know what happened to the...
  15. Gareth The Great

    Will Quentin Tarantino retire?

    Although I doubt Tarantino will retire after his 10th film, I wonder what he'd do instead. He has multiple talents and it would be interesting to see how a second career might play out for the bloke.
  16. Gareth The Great

    Any new tag teams you'd like to see?

    Ricochet and Aleister Black are entertaining as a team, but II like your pairing idea better actually . Finn and Black have had some epic matches as opponents and both are great on the mic. I could see them as a phenomenal tag team with insane energy. The Demon King and Aleister Black both...
  17. Gareth The Great

    Daytime Naps

    Rarely ever. I miss my uni days and napping the hours away when I felt like it. It's such a shame that naptime is wasted on little kids and they don't even appreciate it!
  18. Gareth The Great

    Favourite Movie Genre

    Horror isn't my favourite, but anything else goes. I like psychological thrillers, comedies, true crime, action films, you name it. I guess I watch more comedies and action films than anything else though, since that's mainly what's been at the cinema.
  19. Gareth The Great

    Favorite easy dish to cook

    I think breakfast is the easiest and the cheapest meal to prepare so I can do a lot with eggs. Spaghetti is another quick and easy fix.
  20. Gareth The Great

    Overcoming your fears

    Unless it seriously keeps you from living your life, then I wouldn't worry about conquering it. I'm afraid of heights like you and @Incredible Iron but it doesn't bother me to ride a roller coaster or airplane. I trust those things are safe. I can't climb a ladder or tree though. I figure...