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  1. ChowOne

    [44] FWL Update: Week 8 (Final week)

    I love Playing!!! Congrats to @RFDL Thanks as always to @Kam for putting this all together!
  2. ChowOne

    Fantasy Wrestling League (Season 44): Win up to £250!

    I wanted to change one also... I'm thinking we missed the cut off somehow. I'll just have to beat everybody without my preferred lineup :cool:
  3. ChowOne

    Fantasy Wrestling League (Season 44): Win up to £250!

    Hi Kam, So are roster changes closed for the start of this season? I can't seem to change my roster at this point. I thought we had until Monday a few hours before Raw?
  4. ChowOne

    [43] FWL Update: Week 10 (Final week)

    Another fun season! Thanks for putting this all together, Kam! Can't wait for the next season! And congratulations to the winners!
  5. ChowOne

    Draft brackets and changes for Season #43

    Agree Women's Titles should be more than Tag Titles Agree, drop down Sami even though we probably won't see him. Not that it's a big deal, but what about dropping Jason Jordan from 600k to 500k? To me, he feels like a notch below the other 600k performers. Who knows what they'll have in store...
  6. ChowOne

    [42] FWL Update: Week 14 (Final week)

    My first time playing and I loved it! Thanks, Kam! And Congrats to UKGreenBay! Any idea when you're starting up the next one?
  7. ChowOne

    [42] FWL Update: Week 1

    In the Superstars Leadboard, KO is still listed in the $1m range, but he is actually 800k. And I think Jinder is in the wrong group, also. It might be last season's salaries.
  8. ChowOne


    Ok, I understand it's a large effort! I didn't know if I wasn't navigating the site correctly. Appreciate all you do!
  9. ChowOne


    I may just be missing it, but does it show somewhere the actual point breakdown of your roster from week to week. Like Braun got 30 points for doing this: Won 2 matches (10 Points) Eliminated 3 people (6 points) etc. I see how many points overall my team has, but I don't know how they got them...
  10. ChowOne

    [42] FWL Update: Week 2

    I'm guessing the Greatest Royal Rumble does NOT 't count as a PPV. Can you confirm? Thanks!
  11. ChowOne

    [42] FWL Update: Week 2

    I thought I read this in the rules somewhere - Do salaries sometimes change throughout the season?