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  1. headrush

    No Animals Were Harmed In This Film

    The beginning of the first John Wick would be very traumatic to watch without CGI and/or props. I will just leave it at that.
  2. headrush

    Vegan food

    I enjoy trying vegan options, like zoodles (zucchini ribbons) instead of pasta, vegan brownies, and oat milk. What do you like that has no meat, dairy, or other animal products?
  3. headrush

    Time travel movies

    Kate and Leopold, with Hugh Jackman and Meg Ryan, is weird. It seems like a couple of the characters are actually related thanks to time travel. I read that after the press screening, the studio edited to (mostly) fix this.
  4. headrush

    Huawei losing Google's software

    I should follow this topic more closely. What I find a bit odd about a Google and China partnership is that Google's products are all about free use no matter where you are. In China, you cannot access any Google items unless you use a VPN or stay in a hotel with a foreigner-heavy clientele.
  5. headrush

    Killing boredom

    I love online browsing. I follow a variety of sites and social media accounts, and I always want more time to read everything. Doing this suits my introverted personality, too.
  6. headrush


  7. headrush

    Black Mirror

    Hah, I understand what you mean. What helped the Miley Cyrus episode was the cast. It was half-focused on a teenage girl and half-focused on Cyrus. Just like many Black Mirror characters, both are unhappy.
  8. headrush

    Black Mirror

    I saw the latest season. The episode with Miley Cyrus was the most satisfying, followed closely by "Smithereens" and then "Striking Vipers" right behind it.
  9. headrush

    Last-second winning moments

    I should watch more, but I am more of a basketball fan. NBA finals are going on now, and both the Raptors and Warriors have been impressive so far. No last-second heart stoppers yet, though.
  10. headrush

    I Tunes Is.......Well........Dead

    I was worried at first. I imagined my downloads disappearing, but looks like they will still be easy to access. This change will be good and maybe a little overdue.
  11. headrush

    Popcorn Alternative

    When I want a popcorn alternative at the movies, I bring candy from home. Something that does not have a loud cellophane wrapping, of course.
  12. headrush

    Netflix recommendations

    The Street Food series is interesting. You want to avoid watching it while hungry, though. The show made me want to plan an Asia trip to visit the featured places.
  13. headrush

    Staying cool (literally)

    Temperatures and humidity are going up. I miss the coolness of late winter already. How do you beat the heat? I sleep with a sheet only and keep a mug or glass in the fridge for iced coffee.
  14. headrush

    Odd allergies

    I love peanut butter as well. Also, it has to be tough wondering if a processed snack touched peanuts in the factory. Who knows how many packaged items are out there without that warning label.
  15. headrush

    Odd allergies

    My friend's daughter cannot have cantaloupe. Another friend's daughter is allergic to all things citrus. Even just lightly, briefly touching a lemon peel can make her break out in hives.
  16. headrush

    Actors as musicians

    Is there an actor who you thought played a musician well? Jamie Foxx as Ray Charles comes to mind, and also Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury.
  17. headrush

    The Old Love Songs

    Some recent movies feature young characters and old soundtracks. Guardians of the Galaxy and Baby Driver come to mind. Their success helped give some nice older love songs a boost.
  18. headrush

    The Impossible Burger

    I want to try this and compare it to beef. I tried burgers made with ground turkey, mostly veggies, and mostly nuts, and they all tasted okay but left that "something is missing" feeling afterwards.
  19. headrush

    Revisiting old TV shows

    Yesterday, I thought of a cancelled police show from the early 2000s, Keen Eddie with Mark Valley and Sienna Miller. I enjoyed it back then and decided to rewatch the pilot on YouTube. It did not age well. It was less funny and more boring on second viewing. Have you revisited an old show and...
  20. headrush

    John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum

    I just came back from this, and it is the weakest of the series. Not sure why Halle Berry's character is there except as a possible setup for a future episode. The scenes with the horses were my favorite, and there were some funny moments.