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  1. Kam

    WWE RAW Discussion Thread 2019

    The Bray moment was cool, the mask looks terrifying but I don't have much faith in them running with it. I would have preferred for him to go after someone other than Balor though. I can see him beating Balor at SummerSlam...but like Samoa Joe, never winning the big one.
  2. Kam

    Fantasy Wrestling League (Season 44): Win up to £250!

    Sorry about the late response - I've been away. Nothing set yet. I've been working on some updates on the site and those are taking longer than expected. Also, WWE being kinda meh hasn't helped. Launching a new season to coincide with SummerSlam would be nice but I'm not guaranteeing anything yet...
  3. Kam

    WWE SmackDown LIVE 2019 Discussion

    Shelton Benjamin 0_O O_0 For anyone that missed it...
  4. Kam

    WWE RAW Discussion Thread 2019

    That was an interesting Raw! Opening with a nice little brawl. I thought they went a little OTT with the pyro during the stunt. With Graves shouting 'holy shit' (without even trying to censor it) you knew the night was going to be different to the usual Raw. I didn't like the sombre announcers...
  5. Kam

    AEW Discussions

    Anyone watch Fyter Fest? Have to admit, I didn't think it was as good as DON, some random comments: - That was the first time I've seen or heard of Private Party, quite liked them, had some nice moves, good tag team and OK match - Didn't think much of Allie/Bates - The Nakazawa/Jebailey...
  6. Kam

    Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff running Raw/Smackdown

    I guess with the falling ratings and the change in channels they need to build some momentum. As you've both said, it all depends on how much Vince will get involved. We're all aware of Paul Heyman's success as a booker, however I'm not too sure about Eric. I'm surprised they didn't go with...
  7. Kam

    Hi all!

    Welcome! :welcomesign:
  8. Kam

    WWE RAW Discussion Thread 2019

    I should be happy that The Revival are champs again...but I'm just feeling meh! We got Lars vs Lucha House Party again - I wonder if we'll be lucky enough to see that again next week... Baron's still getting title shots :sleep:
  9. Kam

    WWE RAW Discussion Thread 2019

    Still remember this from the Rumble :roflmao: It seems like they're happy to push Lacey like crazy...but not many of the other NXT stars who should have deserved a decent shot.
  10. Kam

    WWE RAW Discussion Thread 2019

    It was Peyton that said it. When they said Brock would be cashing in on Raw I thought they wouldn't be stupid enough to push fans to watch the show (after last weeks terrible ratings)...just to turnaround and say, nope, Friday. How silly did Brock look too? Seth was down, he could have just...
  11. Kam

    WWE RAW Discussion Thread 2019

    YAY! It's Corbin vs Rollins for the title at Super Showdown :partysign: I know they don't need to give anything worthwhile away as its a Saudi show and they have Goldberg/Taker and Triple h/Orton...but it doesn't help Raw much. They told us they would listen due to the ratings/crowd
  12. Kam

    WWE Money in the Bank 2019 Discussion

    I was meant to comment on that too! Of all the times they decided to put a cruiserweight title match on the main show...they went with this one! No idea why. 0_O O_0
  13. Kam

    AEW: Double Or Nothing Review without spoilers

    I just caught up with it today - I've got pretty similar feelings to you. It was the first time I've seen most of the talent and I have to admit, I enjoyed it. There seems to be some interesting gimmicks which I'm looking forward to see more of. I got some WCW vibes whilst watching, I don't know...
  14. Kam

    WWE RAW Discussion Thread 2019

    That 24/7 title didn't look that good 0_O O_0 I'm assuming it's just going to the Hardcore title without actually calling it a hardcore title. I can imagine it bringing some light relief but...that could get boring rather quickly. Still not fussed about Brock.
  15. Kam

    WWE Money in the Bank 2019 Discussion

    Just got around to watching the show this morning. It felt like they had a kick up the ass - whether it's the recent decline in ratings, AEW's TNN television deal - whatever, it was a nice change of pace. I was surprised with Baley winning the Women's MITB, never expected her, but thought it...
  16. Kam

    WWE Money in the Bank 2019 Discussion

    The Matches Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match Ali, Andrade, Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre, Finn Bálor, Randy Orton, Sami Zane and Ricochet Universal Championship Match Seth Rollins(c) vs. AJ Styles WWE Championship match Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Kevin Owens WWE SmackDown Women’s Title Match...
  17. Kam

    Hello :)

    Welcome Kathy! :welcomesign:
  18. Kam


    Welcome back Alex...thought that name looked familiar! :p
  19. Kam

    [44] FWL Update: Week 8 (Final week)

    Sorry about the late reply, I thought I replied to this! I've got a busy few weeks...then I'm away for part of June, so holding off for now. It's the same reason I've not begun a new season of the prediction league.
  20. Kam

    WWE RAW Discussion Thread 2019

    It gets worse for The Revival... It doesn't look like Vince and Co can understand why the ratings are dropping. The idea of having Raw or Smackdown stars appearing on either brand isn't really a reason to tune in each week. I still can't believe how they can build up feuds/storylines so well in...