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  1. Boomer

    Best Animated Film For You

    I love the Toy Story series and certain anime like the Studio Ghibli movies. Also, I have Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse in my queue. The clips I've seen from it so far are really cool.
  2. Boomer

    Ghosts and other spooky things

    This is probably a case of being a little kid with a huge imagination, but I once thought I saw a Native American chief in the backyard. Full headdress and everything. Years later, my sister told me that in that same backyard, she once thought she saw a figure. Her description fit the same guy!
  3. Boomer

    Hi all!

    Welcome, Ichsan! It's pretty laid-back here. I haven't been here long, but so far I like the variety of topics. I know you will, too.
  4. Boomer

    Vegan food

    I've eaten great-tasting vegan chocolate chip cookies. Going totally plant-based appeals to me, but at the same time I love eggs and seafood too much!
  5. Boomer

    No Animals Were Harmed In This Film

    I'm so glad moviemaking tech is at a point where if a scene shows animals getting hurt, the scene's computer generated. I saw a movie from the 70s where the characters went kangaroo hunting, and it was the real deal. I hated finding that out.
  6. Boomer

    Time travel movies

    Do you have any favorites — or any that you didn't like — that used this theme? I saw the anime Your Name yesterday, and it was charming and had awesome visuals. The day before, I saw About Time with Rachel McAdams and Domhnall Gleason. It was cute in parts, but some of the time travel didn't...
  7. Boomer


    This has gotten great reviews, and it's now IMDb's highest rated series ever. Have you seen any episodes yet? Supposedly, Russia is making its own TV version of what happened.
  8. Boomer

    Chain Messages

    I haven't seen a chain email in a while. I do see chain posts in comment sections, though. I really hope no one responds to them anymore, but who knows!
  9. Boomer

    I Lost on Jeopardy

    That's so cool! I'm always in awe of the contestants' knowledge. The show will never be out of date, IMO, and it's been the source of some great YouTube clips.
  10. Boomer

    I Tunes Is.......Well........Dead

    My iTunes library has gotten less use over time. I also have a gift card balance that's been sitting for a few years. I'll wait and see what gets offered once macOS Catalina becomes available.
  11. Boomer


    I'd definitely recommend this to Elton John and movie musical fans. It's a blend of musical, music video, and standard biopic styles. Taron Egerton and the main cast were great!
  12. Boomer

    Aladdin - Is It Good To Watch?

    I talked to a couple of relatives who saw it, and they said it was so-so. One of the better parts was Naomi Scott (Princess Jasmine) and Mena Massoud (Aladdin) singing "A Whole New World."
  13. Boomer

    Netflix recommendations

    Is there anything on Netflix that you recommend? I just saw Always Be My Maybe. It's pretty funny overall, but I would recommend it for Keanu Reeves' short appearance alone.
  14. Boomer

    The Impossible Burger

    Shake Shack's mushroom burger tastes so much better than what I expected. The patty's a fried portobello full of cheese and — you can imagine — has more calories than their regular beef and cheeseburgers.
  15. Boomer


    If you've seen it already, what did you think? I'm watching it this weekend (US release). I've been listening to his songs way more than usual lately, and I'm encouraged by the movie's good press.
  16. Boomer

    Black Mirror

    The episode that stuck with me most so far is the one with Bryce Dallas Howard, where she lives in a society that's ruled by social media and gathering likes.
  17. Boomer

    Actors as musicians

    Bradley Cooper was really good, too. I also liked Keira Knightley as a folk singer in Begin Again and the rest of the actors who played Queen in Bohemian Rhapsody.
  18. Boomer

    High Insurance Rates

    Jacking up insurance rates might discourage some people from buying — but wouldn't people who really want the illegal item use underground ways (dealers, the dark web) to purchase it?
  19. Boomer

    Black Mirror

    I just saw the trailers for the fifth season. There will only be three episodes. I'm looking forward to seeing Miley Cyrus, Topher Grace, and Anthony Mackie in their roles!
  20. Boomer

    Favorite easy dish to cook

    Right before I start a pot of rice in my rice cooker, I add a big tomato or two mid-sized ones along with salt, pepper, and olive oil. When the pot's done, I add a protein and mix everything up.