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  1. FlyyGurl

    Favorite easy dish to cook

    I've been starting to get into cooking a bit more the past months. I don't love it, but I'd like to learn some more dishes that are easy to make but still are delicious. Something I've been learning is just to enjoy beans and rice, maybe throw in some smoked pork for flavor. What are some of...
  2. FlyyGurl

    Favourite Movie Genre

    I really horror movies, as long as they're not too scary, but often I am too scared to watch when I am by myself. When I am by myself I love watching stupid romantic comedies, feel-good movies. They often have a terrible storyline but it's just nice to watch.
  3. FlyyGurl


    I have tried some meditation sessions, especially in the morning, and though it does calm me down, I've never reached a deeper state than just be able to be "in the moment". I have tried apps and audio but they seem to distract me.
  4. FlyyGurl

    The most WTF episode of The Walking Dead yet! *spoilers!*

    It was such a good episode! I really don't understand how they got all of these people out of the Kingdom, because it seemed as if Alpha was the only one who got in there. I was also surprised by Henry, but also Tara, Enid! Gut wrenching, really haha I can't wait for the finale!
  5. FlyyGurl

    What do you spend most of your time doing?

    I think I spend most of my time watching YouTube or browsing social media, whether it's for work or privately. I wish I could spend more time reading, I have a Kindle and I keep telling myself I should just take time for it, but I find myself watching YouTube all the time instead.
  6. FlyyGurl

    What's the scariest movie of all time?

    I don't think horror movies are that scary but I had nightmares after watching Paranormal Activity. That ghost stuff is creepy. I don't know if I believe in ghosts but for some reason after watching that movie I thought some ghost is going to pull the blankets off of me and drag me off my bed.
  7. FlyyGurl

    The most WTF episode of The Walking Dead yet! *spoilers!*

    Whoa... I just finished watching yesterday's episode of TWD and what? I need to rant. I started losing interest a few seasons ago but I have to say that this season has been interesting again and just so creepy. This episode was insane! The last 10 minutes I just sat there with my mouth open. I...
  8. FlyyGurl

    Foreign music

    Do you guys have any tips for foreign music? I have been very much into Brazilian and French music lately. Not that I understand what they are singing, I love the different beats. What do you listen to that is not sung in English?
  9. FlyyGurl

    Celebrities in Trouble Over College Scandal

    I think USC is definitely elite because of the status. I do some people who have gotten into USC and said that quality really isn't amazing but it is more of a status thing because the rich kids go there for the "college experience". Which is exactly what happened here. It doesn't surprise me...
  10. FlyyGurl

    You as the coach or expert

    That's a funny observation because I do notice around me people are becoming life coaches. I think in my extended friend group there's at least 5 or 6 life coaches. I am not sure where they get their clientele but they are all successful, so there must be a market for it. If I would do it, I...
  11. FlyyGurl

    Watching reality shows

    I used to be obsessed with them. I always watched all the MTV shows like The Hills, The City and stuff like that. Then for a while I followed The Real Housewives of Orange County, years ago. But lately I feel like everything has gotten more and more scripted and less enjoyable. Plus YouTube...
  12. FlyyGurl

    Cancelled culture

    What do we think about the "canceled" culture that has become more and more of a thing the past years on social media? Because of social media, people's past are being dug up to bring them down. Everyone has made mistakes; do people really need to pay for it 10 years later?
  13. FlyyGurl

    Depression In The Entertainment Business

    I think you have to have a certain personality to go into show business. I also believe that money doesn't buy happiness. Many people in show business encounter terrible people and fake friends and the nasty truth is that people in the business don't care about anything other than money. That...
  14. FlyyGurl

    Financial freedom

    I also have some student debt but I feel like I have financial freedom. I have a good and full savings account that is about a year's worth of my salary. I pay off my debt every month and after my bills are paid I still have a decent amount to put into savings. I have a credit card but I always...
  15. FlyyGurl

    Remembering lyrics

    That is funny. I also have no problem remembering lyrics but a couple of my friends never seem to get lyrics right. It confuses me because I know they've listened to the song hundreds of times but still they mess up the lyrics. I never thought about it but I guess I do have a gift :P
  16. FlyyGurl

    Traffic pet peeves!

    I don't drive a lot, I try to avoid it as much as I can, but when I do have to hit the road I remember why I hate driving. The things that bother me the most are people not sticking to the slow lanes, cutting people off, not letting people merge or when people get all up in my bumper I feel like...
  17. FlyyGurl

    Do teams still play for the pride?

    I'll admit I am not the biggest soccer fan, but speaking about other team sports, basketball and American football, it has definitely changed over the past couple years. There are so many switches across teams, and players will follow the money rather than stay loyal to a team, so I imagine it...
  18. FlyyGurl

    Laptop or Desktop

    Portability is very important to me so I will stick to my laptops. I don't play lots of computer games (I have a game console for this) and I mainly use my laptop for Microsoft Office, social media and watching movies every now and then so that's enough for me.
  19. FlyyGurl

    Increasing Flexibility

    It's definitely part genetics but also lots of stretching exercises. Your muscles can definitely get stretched by doing the right exercises, but there is certainly a limit to it for everybody.
  20. FlyyGurl

    What do you use social media for?

    Social media has become the most popular media over the past decade or so and people use it for different purposes. Myself, I use it for my work but I like to use it privately for entertainment. I try to stay away from news, politics and such. I will use websites for that. What do you use it for?