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  1. Evie

    Board Games

    I play board games occasionally. I'm a fan of the trivia ones mostly. I highly recommend Bezzerwizzer if you're a fan of those kinds of games. There are a whole lot of categories and a bit more strategic than games like Trivial Pursuit.
  2. Evie

    The Perfectionists

    Did any of you watch The Perfectionists? I just got through it and I can't say I will be too surprised if they don't get a chance at a second season. It failed to bring the same energy as Pretty Little Liars. I was very disappointed since I was expecting more from Mona and Alison. Then again I...
  3. Evie

    When do you think graphics will stop being an issue?

    I agree with this. There's also no reason for them to say, "Now is a good time to stop." They need the competitive edge over their competition and need to give gamers reasons to continue to buy new systems in order to play new games.
  4. Evie

    Which Is More Effective?

    I prefer flavoured water as well but I would think water rather than sports drinks with electrolytes is the best for hydration, at least when you're not working out. If it's just water with electrolytes I imagine it would be about the same.
  5. Evie

    Riverdale: Season 3

    It doesn't look safe at all. Edgar Evernever...what a name! Even though his name sounds like comic material I'm assuming that he's an original character and not from the comics, is that correct? From what I've read about him he sounds like he'll be a nice change of pace. Do you think they'll try...
  6. Evie

    Venom Trailer Coming Out Tomorrow

    I think she meant the new one that they announced at Comic-Con. Have you all watched it yet? It's even better than the first one! I've always been a fan of Venom too, but Carnage is probably my favourite Spiderman villain.
  7. Evie

    Johnny English Strikes Again!

    I love Rowan Atkinson too. He'll always be Mr. Bean to me though. I didn't know they were making another one of these films. This film looks like everything I would expect it to be. I doubt I'll go see it at the cinema but I'm sure I'll watch it at some point.
  8. Evie

    How Has It Gotten Better?

    The quality of visuals has gone up but I don't know if I would say it's the best thing to happen to entertainment. Because of these advancements, many films are just recreating classics that don't really need to be recreated instead of coming up with something original. Films also tend to rely...
  9. Evie

    What's your Hogwarts house?

    I'm currently rewatching the Harry Potter films and it got me to revisit the Pottermore site, something I haven't done in quite some time. It sorted me into Hufflepuff which is a house I've never identified with. The last time I did it I got Ravenclaw (after choosing it over Slytherin). What...
  10. Evie

    Real Life Cases Of Irony In Action

    I've never understood why people advertise that when they really shouldn't be on the road in the first place. "Stay back" should be "Stay away," if you ask me. The fact that this is common enough to have its own bumper sticker is also a little troubling.
  11. Evie

    Action Point

    Haha, fair enough, @Classified. I think some films are worth seeing at the cinema, typically ones that involve a lot of action, like Star Wars. I really enjoyed seeing Jackass 3 on the big screen, but it didn't really add anything to the other two. You're right though, it's typically too...
  12. Evie

    Biggest Fears

    Everyone is scared of something. That's what they say at least. I'm a bit of a coward and scared of a lot of things. I'll just tell you about the one I've recently come into contact with - clowns. My nephew had one at his birthday party. My brother thought it would be hilarious not to tell me...
  13. Evie

    Real Life Cases Of Irony In Action

    I know that I have some good examples in my brain somewhere but I can't locate them right now. I've always found that message on smart car radios that says, "Pay attention while you're driving. Distractions cause accidents," and makes you acknowledge it/agree before it will disappear. It never...
  14. Evie

    Fable Four

    I hope it's true! I would love to play another Fable game. I can't think of anything too specific that I would want from a new Fable game other than that I hope they find a way to mix the strengths of Fable II and III. Fable II had a better story, hands down. Fable III however had better quests...
  15. Evie

    Action Point

    @Classified, I was just wondering if anyone thought it was worth spending the money to see it at the cinema rather than waiting and watching it at home. I try not to let the critics deter me but sometimes they do get the best of me. I still haven't seen Mother! because of all the awful reviews...
  16. Evie

    Meghan Markle

    I know the media is the real problem. Well, the 24-hour news cycle is the real problem. I would imagine that writing for one of those sites would be an exceptionally time-consuming and soul-sucking job. She has been groomed for this sort of media attention as a celebrity (even if she never...
  17. Evie

    Game - would you rather A or B

    Great idea, @Poppy! I'm glad I'm not the only one who has thoughts like this in the middle of the night. I think I'm going to have to go with Murphy. House is just such a loose cannon. I never really cared much for him. He treats people very poorly and, at least in my opinion, without good...
  18. Evie

    Action Point

    I remember seeing the trailer for Action Point some time ago but then completely forgot about it. I used to love Jackass (the series and the films) and I'd love to see the guys all together again. I can't believe they're still pulling these kinds of stunts at their ages. It looks like it could...
  19. Evie

    Trashiest/tackiest reality television show?

    I don't think I could ever forget that bizarre accent of hers. She even named it LILOHAN. I like that she just owns her oddities. She's given up putting on a show for people (which always makes for interesting reality television). I'm sure their reality shows must bring in a lot of money or...
  20. Evie

    Throwback: Mortal Kombat or Street Fighters?

    I like Street Fighters more, but I enjoy Mortal Kombat too. I don't know if I've ever played either on an arcade machine before. Now I feel like I'm missing out. Ryu is great, as is Chun-Li. I have no idea why but I've always been partial to Blanka. I can recall the button sequence for his...