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  1. browncoat


    Is anyone else frustrated by all the movies and shows which are just remakes from 10-30 years ago? It is like the imagination required to put out a good new show barely exists anymore. And the worst part of it is, the remakes are almost always terrible. It's not like the formula works to pump...
  2. browncoat


    It was such an amazing show. Let's hope we get some kind of movie to finish everything off the way Serenity finished off the Firefly show. Hopefully every main character doesn't have to die for fans to let it rest though!
  3. browncoat

    Time travel movies

    Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban had a cool time travel element to it. I actually watched that movie first and liked it so much I binge watched all the movies that were out at the time. I vote Back to the Future as the absolute best movies about time travel though, with a close second...
  4. browncoat

    Black Mirror

    No idea what they were thinking this season. Seems like a night and day difference from their previous work. And only three episodes? I guess that was a Netflix request but just seems so odd.
  5. browncoat

    Family-Themed Video Games

    What age range are you looking to entertain? That's the big question when trying to find games for kids. The things that engage them vary so drastically from ages 4 to 10 you really need to know the audience to give a good answer! I would say something physical is always more engaging for kids...
  6. browncoat

    Survival Games

    I completely agree. The troubling thing is that the genre WAS really exciting at first. Skill based systems were often hand in hand so you felt like by chopping down trees you were realistically getting better at chopping down trees and not just gaining an extra level with arbitrary stat...
  7. browncoat

    Swarm Sim

    Just picked up this new(er) incremental game from the play store the other day. It has all the trappings I've come to expect from the genre. It has several types of units that increase exponentially in size the more you create. It has a reset-based system where you build up "mutagen" that makes...
  8. browncoat

    Bad Video Games

    I feel that sometimes a video game can be so bad it's actually amazing. Similar to how people like bad movies because they enjoy making fun of the poor acting or shallow characters, I enjoy a video game that clearly had no coherent direction at times. A good example of this for me is a game...
  9. browncoat

    RAID Shadow Legends

    There are SO many things to do in the game, I was overwhelmed at the beginning too! Here's what I have learned so far! 3 Hours Play time over the course of 24 hours can be broken up into any number of smaller sessions. This lets you pick ut up and play it as you like and it all adds up to the...
  10. browncoat

    Custom controllers

    I get what Revenger is saying, but even a casual gamer likely spends 50+ hours a month on the console. That's a good amount of time on an ongoing basis, and if the custom controller helps out on any way it would be a good investment in my eyes. If you game more than that, say 3-4 hours a night...
  11. browncoat

    Do We Still Need To Buy Games?

    Depends on what type of games you like to play. Mobile games are often free and come in a few basic genres, most are very "cookie cutter" though which may or may not be an issue for you in the long run. There are some AAA "pay once" games such as Everquest Online which are certainly worth it...
  12. browncoat


    I also play Hearthstone competitively but it is very hard to qualify for regionals. Good luck though! What classes do you prefer to play? Are you enjoying the new Challenger format this year?
  13. browncoat

    RAID Shadow Legends

    This mobile game just came out in May 2019 and had their first official production server released. It is poised to be an esports focused mobile game that follows a somewhat traditional turn based hero fighting RPG genre. What is interestingly different though, is that instead of limiting what...
  14. browncoat

    Top Video Games of all time

    What about Zelda? The original NES game is an absolute classic, but if I had my pick I'd go with Ocarina of Time. I know a lot of people my age that attribute their love of video games to that title. It was the first large world Zelda game and helped redefine the entire genre. And somehow it all...
  15. browncoat

    Clicker Games

    That's funny, I never thought about it like that but I guess you're right. I guess it all boils down to how much time you even have to invest in some entertainment vs how much time you WANT to invest in it. Some days I'm so busy all I want to do is eat and sleep so I can tackle the next day with...
  16. browncoat

    How To Stop Playing?

    Would taking a nap after work to buy you a few hours at night to play help out then? Might let you sleep in a little bit on the weekdays and still get more done overall without sacrificing too much sleep.
  17. browncoat

    Blurry Vision After Playing Game

    Glad that it worked out for you! My one phone's screen is nearly "perma-dimmed" due to my battery being awful so I'm stuck having a hard time seeing it regardless of the filter. My newer phone that I try to keep away from the kids has all the bells and whistles and works well, but the kids have...
  18. browncoat

    Survival Games

    Has anyone else noticed that every game that comes out calls itself some form of a survival game? I really liked the idea of a competitive survival game that Rend supplied but the game itself was very lack luster. Am I missing the good survival games? Every new game I see looks almost identical...
  19. browncoat

    Sims 4 Mods

    I have never played any of the Sims games. It always seemed a bit boring to me. I actually rarely play anything other than multiplayer competitive games though so I'm not the best person to ask I suppose. I'm surprised that the genre hasn't evolved into an MMO of sorts. I might be interested in...
  20. browncoat

    Pac Man Table Top

    Yes! I didn't get a chance to pick one up but thought it was a neat "throwback" gift item. I'll have to keep my eyes out for one this year. I did however get one of those Super Nintendo emulation consoles that has a dozen or so games built into it.