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  1. didge

    Constantly releasing music

    Back in the day, it was common for musicians to take time to release albums but the music industry has really grown and changed over the years. We are seeing artistes attempting to write and release singles in a short time span and most of the time, these singles don't reach their full...
  2. didge

    Eager to watch the Champions League final?

    Much as this is a late reply, I must say that it was a nervy final but at 2-0, I already knew that Liverpool were going to lift the cup. Klopp has overseen consistency and class at Anfield and Liverpool will definitely be hoping to replicate their success in the coming season.
  3. didge

    Hazard is finally a Real Madrid player

    Hazard rarely talked about Real Madrid during his interviews while at the Bridge and now that he signed for them, he has every right to pledge his allegiance. It will be interesting to see whether or not he fillthe void left by Cristiano Ronaldo at the Bernabeu.
  4. didge

    Which boxing personality are you?

    Floyd Mayweather may not be a darling to many but I like the fact that he talks big outside the ring but remains very tactful and elusive inside it. He doesn't necessarily apply KOs and always aims to win. However, I don't like how he flaunts his wealth.
  5. didge

    Orange is the New Black final season

    I loved the first season, despite having watched just a few episodes. I may not recall so many scenes now but it definitely resonated with a lot of people thereafter. Will you get the same video and audio quality now considering the lapse of time?
  6. didge

    Changing The Terms

    Well, maybe the term 'season' is coined with the time taken to shoot these episodes in mind. The fact that you can watch a TV series in a few days doesn't mean it is shot over a short period of time. I can't think of any other term part from 'Chapter' which sounds a bit odd.
  7. didge

    The Worst Fighter Of All Time?

    He actually won three fights for real? I couldn't find any other clips on YouTube. However, I would also like to think that a professional boxer wouldn't throw punches like that. Maybe he intentionally 'lost' this fight.
  8. didge

    Snooping on other people's phones

    If you left your phone unattended in a room, there is a big chance that a stranger walking into the room would easily get hold of it and start snooping. If you were hanging out on a lazy afternoon and your partner's phone lit up with a notification, would you look away or get hold of the phone...
  9. didge

    Raptors FTW!

    Everyone was rooting for The Warriors to win but somehow, the Raptors pulled through. I think the injury to Kevin Durant in Game 5 and Klay Thompson in Game 6 could have dealt a blow to the Golden State Warriors.
  10. didge

    Ill-suited fictional couples

    Interestingly, these 'odd couples' always find a way of making us glued to our favorite TV shows and perhaps this is what the directors and producers seem to have in mind? Penny really fitted into the role of a pretty but blonde girl and watching words coming out her mouth (in the show) can be...
  11. didge

    Who's in your inner circle?

    Well, most times we don't even realize it but when you are the one always calling other people to find out how they are doing, then it becomes a problem. If you come across genuine people, hold onto them because they are rare gems; few and far apart.
  12. didge

    Best Animated Film For You

    Well, I loved watching Rango, Rio 2 and Zootopia. I love the thought process that goes behind the production of animated movies. Has anyone watched Pikachu yet?
  13. didge

    Life Is Unfair

    Well, I think that life gifts us differently and what we need to do is make the best out of what we have. People start making some comments by virtue of comparison.
  14. didge

    Quitting Smoking

    I am a non-smoker but I see a lot of smokers struggle hard to get out of this habit. It is tough to quit but in a way, having a plan and being prepared, will help. If I may ask, what are your reasons for quitting?
  15. didge

    The Brexit debate

    @Zack T, it even gets more confusing when we try to question what the motive was, in the first place. On the other hand, more and more Britons are starting to feel like a second referendum is inevitable. Whichever option is viable and desirable is up to the UK to decide, and the challenge has...
  16. didge

    The Brexit debate

    Every time I try to wrap my head around the idea of Britain leaving the EU, it gets more confusing. For instance, it is possible for Brexit to be cancelled but with a change of law, something no one wants at this point. I guess Theresa May's resignation even complicates matters the more. Which...
  17. didge


    I completely agree with what @Zack T says plus Chromebooks are also sold with limited storage. To me, it looks like this was an attempt by Google to get everyone to be comfortable with the idea of storing most, if not all files, in the cloud. Overall, with processing being done in the cloud...
  18. didge

    Aladdin - Is It Good To Watch?

    Well, irrespective of what I have read online (because everyone always has an opinion), I am definitely going to watch this movie. Will Smith is cast as a genie but I also suppose that there are certain elements of the original movie, that remain unchanged.
  19. didge

    The Old Love Songs

    There is something about old songs in general and yes, you can listen to them over and over and not get tired. Though there are many different musical genres, I prefer organized music that can soothe the brain.
  20. didge

    The Old Love Songs

    The turn of the millennium seems to have ushered in a whole paradigm shift is music. There are many new genres that I can’t a hang of now! Nothing beats the love songs from the 80’s and 90’s. I could listen to them over and over!