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    Student regrets (if any)

    Well, I agree with you as I also went through the same phase in life, but everyone got a chance to prove yourself.:)
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    PS or Xbox

    Well, I think you can also go for the PC games if interested in playing a video game on Microsoft Windows. Every individual has its own experience about the gaming platform. There are certain games which are restricted to play on the console but can be played on the PC. Actually, I used to play...
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    Did the entertainment change you?

    Well, I am again here is there any entertainment film with lots of fun and comedy?
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    Did the entertainment change you?

    My answer to the question is Yes, entertainment in my life plays a vital role. It heals me from stress or decreases my loneliness in life.
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    Best TV Shows of 2018

    Well, guys, I couldn't able to spend my time on the TV. apart from the video game, I used to spend my time Netflix.
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    Any Good Comedies Coming Soon?

    Check Game Night film. I am sure you will like it.;)
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    Battlefield V

    There are other similar games like Battlefield 5 in the store like Destiny 2, Red Dead Redemption that you can go for. I saw their reviews and it was amazing to have these series. Having exactly same as you want.
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    Christmas Video Games List

    Thanks for having this topic over here as this is my all-time favorite topic to discuss. Well, in this new year of 2019 lots of game has been arrived in the market. Some of the game like FIFA, SIMS 4, Farming Simulator I want to continue this year as well.
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    Do you miss the Tycoon games?

    This game is similar to the GTA where we can able to ride on the roller coaster and then explore the city. Has anybody played this game before?
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    Nintendo Switch Online

    I think there are many games that are easily available for free. One can also go for it.
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    Mobile gacha games

    Hello, everyone, I am new here and want to open with you all. I am Ruby and I also like to play a video game, with this I also like to outdoor activities. Well, I didn't try this type of game ever. Just want to know what other game are you guys playing?